At 37th Week

My baby is kam bing soon.Kam Bing (pun intended). He will be born in Year of the Goat.

What did I learnt so far of being pregnant (FTM)? :-

– I learnt that you can eat anything you want (just like before you were pregnant) but in moderation e.g. cold drinks i.e. teh ais, pineapple, seafood, sushi, sashimi, coffee, tea and even half-boiled eggs.

– I learnt that everybody is happy for you when you announce it for the first time to the world, but when the and old-wives tales / advises begin to come in, you wished you told no one about it.

– I learnt that you don’t put on that much weight and don’t show until your 7th month. Mine only showed at 32nd week (8 month). My Head of Department did not notice my pregnancy just until she asked me if I did gained some weight from Holland biz trip due to the cheeses.

– I learnt that some people do treat you like OKU, and you must be grateful because no other time in the world you get such amazing treatment. It made you believe in people once again:

  • You will start seeing crowds of people opening up a lane just for you to pass, like the opening of the Red Sea and Moses seems to be on the other end;
  • moses-at-the-red-sea-vladimir-bibikov\
  • The waiter will give you the best table and view in the restaurant you patronize; You don’t have to wait long in queues because people let you cut queue;
  • Taxi driver open the door for you to enter and alight from the car;
  • The air-hostess kept asking me if I need more snacks;
  • My boss frequently asked me if I need to go home for being so pale-looking every day (I don’t have the pregnancy glow);
  • I get to walk around the office with my Havaiana slippers and allowed to do so by the HSE even inside the laboratory!! How about that for getting to break rules!

– This thing called ‘Baby-Luck’ is real: I get parkings all the time in peak periods at shopping malls and banks; I get documents approved by big bosses, and project endorsed by people I do not know; I get to close more gaps in the recent technical assessment tests, unlike previous years; I get food orders at the hawker stalls faster than everyone else.

–  I learnt to ask more (stupid) questions to my doctor. Because I start wondering why so many people can be woth their O&G doctor with consultation for >20 minutes, while I went in and came out in only 5 minutes.

– You can still swim and jog, but when comes to >35th week, your feet look like those of a hobbit (minus the hairyness) that wades like a duck on land. What’s worse: you feel like you will never get to run a marathon again.

– Just realised I don’t have to wear a seat belt while driving if preggers. Good one there, as the seat belt has recently has a life of its own and starts to strangle my tummy.

– People starts giving you suggestions on baby’s names. And you then you tend to end up with a baby’s name nothing like any of those people have suggested. Reverse psychology.

– People asked you if you had a boy or girl. And if you say you are having a boy, they will be like: “Good for you!!” “Boy will make you parents happy”. Thus I did wonder if I told them I had girl, what would these say or will they still be happy for me? I think in the lines of: “Oh, for your second baby, no worries, you will get a boy” or “Nevermind, girls are easier to take care and smarter”, etc. WTF!

– I learnt that my mental state does not sync with my physical state. I do feel sleepy all the time. However, rest = back/pelvic pain. Now I am in a zombie / insomnia state despite wanting to sleep so badly.

– I learnt that it is not entirely a joy to be pregnant. Tell you, I don’t have the pregnancy glow at all. If glow means fatness, then yes, I have that.

– My fear is not on the pain of giving birth. My greatest fear is giving birth to a baby sooo adorable, I will have to quit my job (I hope not as I really love being in the corporate world).

It’s 37th week yo! Excited that little notti baby could pop out anytime soon. Til then, Ivy-out.


Moist Butter Cake

I know myself that I can’t bake as well as I cook. Even so, my cooking is average. This I rate myself, as hubby has always given me “okay lah” comment  every time I ask him how my dishes are. Occasionally I get a “WOW, very good” – for most of my Italian and European cuisine (i.e. my secret recipe salmon steak). I only cook; and why I don’t bake is because I hate recipes like they are company’s SOPs which have little room for ‘playing’ around and innovate. To bake something out successfully, many would agree one should not stray far from the ingredients, amount stated and ratios.

I have not baked for a long time. As far as I can remember, the last butter cake (that is not from a 3-in-1 cake mixture) was 8-9 years back. My guinea pig (i.e. my mum) frankly told me that my butter ‘stone’ cake could have killed anyone instantly if I threw it out from the balcony. Tasted good but hard like diamond. I was demotivated and that was the last cake I remember baking.

I am grateful to have worked with a colleague who is caring and soft spoken as a person. She’s leaving after a decade in the company and I thought of baking a cake for her farewell. I daringly volunteer to bake something (as everyone else is cooking). As being the only Chinese in a Malay-dominated department, I usually refrain myself from sharing my home-cooked food nor even letting anyone know I brought any foods from home. Now you know potlucks are easy-peasy for me as I come empty-handed, and but you felt rather left-out after “aunty” colleagues talked about how they prepared their gulai and assam pedas. I dare not cook for potluck, but I believe baking should work as baking ingredients are usually halal.

Best butter cake in town? After a homemaker friend’s facebook review of having the best full-proof (warning: only if you follow the recipe accurately) buttercake she’s ever made, I got hold of the recipe. This buttercake recipe has been highly recommended because it doesn’t crack on the top upon baking, and it’s like so moist. I believe the secret is separating the egg yolks from the whites and only fold-in the well-beaten whites at the end. Go to:


I definitely need a refresher course and demo online, and YouTube of the same recipe should work:

For a start, I need to buy a whole set of baking instruments as I misplaced my previous baking barang at my previous apartment. I don’t want to be overly enthusiastic about baking (yet!) hence I bought inexpensive instruments and baking stuff for my first try-out in almost a decade.

 I was thinking Kitchen Aid for my cake mixer, but let's not be too enthusiastic yet.
I was thinking Kitchen Aid for my cake mixer, but let’s not be too enthusiastic yet.

Wish me luck! And if the cake does go wrong, blame it on the oven!! LOL!

Or just bring a bunch of Buntong’s kacang putih to the potluck if all else fails.


I bought a service condo unit at Serdang 3-4 years back for stay/investment. At that time, I knew I wanted to have a place of my own and not to rely on my parents’ family apartment in Puchong. I was 30 years old that time, ok, so no good to always rely on parents. Nevertheless, I got married and then my amazing hubby got ourselves a landed house for our new chapter in life. So all thoughts of the solo me living in a condo has dissipated, and now hope to rent or to sell my unit at UNIV360.

When my parents first saw this condo (that time it was just an empty secondary bush land), they weren’t too impressed. The condo is located next to some old, rundown, low-cost flats, Block B was facing the noisy KL-Seremban highway, whilst Block A was facing Serdang industrial area. The land adjacent to it was a sewage pond (but has since been redeveloped to be another condo and commercial area). On second thought, the location is very strategic – ample access roads in and out of KL, near Seri Kembangan food areas, Putrajaya, SKVE, LEKAS, and easy to access to IOI City Mall. It is also easy to rent out – looking at to students from nearby UPM. And the showunit was well-presented (my parents are in love immediately), and we absolutely adore the huge swimming pool with waterfalls, roof-top gym and sky garden. And all these got my conservative parents suddenly interested with the concept. Plus, if you see now, UNIV360 gave incentive to our neighbouring old flats some fresh new paint(!) to its entire building. How generous of our developer. Even the old flats now looks pretty new and decent! The roads in front of our condo has been widened and a new traffic lights has been installed.

What’s better, I bought the unit at Block A, which is facing the swimming pool! when you open the balcony. I just went to check my unit out last week – and what a great view from the balcony from the 9th floor! Actually, I purportedly spend extra $$$$ for that facing-swimming-pool unit, which is limited edition, and slightly larger than the conventional units. The best part is that my lot is not facing the noisy highway nor the industrial area.

The layout of my apartment.
The layout of my apartment.

In my 10 year in-out Serdang area (from BSc. to Ph.D. in UPM), I know that area damn well as we ate there all the time (read: Ket Thong). Until today, since my office is near UNITEN Bangi, colleagues and I still have our have lunch breaks near Serdang. So, I pass by UNIV360 development almost daily, and saw in anticipation the progress of the building of the condo up to 3 years. Oh well, sometime I am just praying and hoping that the project would not stall half-way due to economic slowdown, or what-ifs e.g. developers run away with our deposits. To cut the story short – my parents supported my move to buy this condo, and voila…it’s here today.

And yes, I am promoting my condo to people – for rent. Let me do some slight renovation first to our unit before I can rent for sure.

If it weren’t for my current Kinrara house, marriage, and soon-to-be additional member to the Fong family (Baby!), I would have moved here. For real.



Finally did get to see how my little notti Baby looks like.

We opt for a 3D/4D ultrasound at 24++ weeks upon my return from Holland. I have not seen my baby since April 2015 as that was my last ultrasound visit at PCMC. I had a GP doctor’s having my tummy checked in May before leaving for Holland, but Dr. Gill of Klinik Gill, Ipoh did not print out an ultrasound for me! Walamak, his machine damn kuno wei – cannot print wan. Despite having no print out of my baby (sorry, but I am spoilt by PCMC’s technology), Dr Gill said my baby was growing normally (paid him RM40.00 cash for just saying that), and said I have nothing to worry about going to Holland on the 2nd trimester, whilst The Netherlands has probably much better medical/health system.

Many didn’t know I cut my Holland trip short because I was damn worried about baby. As a going-to-be first-time-mom , I was really wondering what the hell is going on with baby and myself – with the kicking. flutters, constipation, and itch/pain going around me, so I needed ‘confirmation’ from my O&G. No way I can’t afford Netherlands health service as my insurance does not cover me if it isn’t emergency.

So, here is baby. Obviously I don’t have a name for my baby boy (yet). It’s now simply called Baby”.  Baby was facing sideways and probably sleeping so this was the best image and angle we could get.

Looks like hubby, some already say
Looks like hubby from this 4D angle. 🙂 

3D/4D ultrasound so damn canggih wei. I am suaku when I saw the scans on the screen. Can detect blood flow of heart and kidneys (hence, 4D scan) some more.

4D Ultrasound shows chambers of heart and blood flow.

We forked out our own $$$ for this ultrasound since we saved on other genetic tests such as Down syndrome test, aminiotic tests(?), etc. We didn’t opt for genetic testings as we trust that we will love Baby no matter what. Counted all the digits on Baby’s hands and toes (5 each), and see if got big dick or not, the heart don’t have anomalies, kidney good, etc. Ok. Settle. All normal.

Baby all normal, but is making mummy fat. Although it’s the happy kinda fat, I’ve never been sooo fat before (you will be shock to see me so fat). And like my collar bone is no more there. Yikes! I am now at 26th week, heading towards the 3rd trimester. And hmmphhh….the nausea seemed to have returned a bit some how.

Til then, Ivy, Hubby & Baby out!

Hobbits in the real world

I think I have been staying in The Netherlands long enough to experience many things, in fact, more than many touristy Malaysians. Having stayed at 5 different hotels and accommodations in The Netherlands throughout my business trip of 1.5 months and this has taught me one thing – I am not made for Europe.

Not surprising but somehow, I suffered ‘discrimination’ in Europe. Not the racism disparity that we hear of every day in the news e.g. foreigners being treated differently from the local/citizens. Nope. None of that. In fact, The Netherlands has been amazing to me in terms of equality and I felt really welcomed in all ways both as a tourist and worker.

The ‘discrimination’ I face daily in The Netherlands – is the prejudice against my height.

If you are great with general knowledge, who wouldn’t know that the Dutch are the tallest people in the world. TALLEST, yes. It’s a cruel fact, and based on my personal experience with my Dutch counterparts that I stand only shoulder level to my Dutch female colleagues. For a Dutch male, 6 feet is slightly below average, while 5 ft 10″ is average for a female. And I am like 5 ft flat.
5.0 – 5.5ft is normal for Asian females. If you jalan-jalan at the city, from afar, you can spot an Asian walking in the streets, and you can tell who are local and who is not – from their height.
I have seen 6 ft 5″  Dutch guy, but so are 3 out of 10 Dutch surrounding him. Mind you,that even if they are tall, many are NOT overweight or obese. Many are tall and still fit (unlike the Americans eh)!!
I did ask why. First I googled, and then I did query my colleagues on their height and fit built.
This was how Dutch Lady milk look like in those 1980s when I was a kid. Mum fed me lots of this, but still…..short.

1. Milk and Cheese

Yes, that’s about it. That’s the ONLY reason why the Dutch are so astronomically tall and are actually taller than the Icelanders: dairy. Over several decades, people in NL has ample supply of local milk and has had the knowledge of processing cheese. Milk and cheese are protein-rich foods and the Dutch are somewhat evolutionary immune to all types of milk products (=lactose tolerant). To date, if I go out for lunch with my Dutch colleagues, cheese, yoghurt, cold meats and wheat are staple. You can’t escape cheeses from your lunches. And the Dutch despises low-fat milk/skimmed milk. No one buys them in supermarket and you may notice that there’s 80% disparity of favouring full-cream milk over low-fat milk on the supermarket shelves.

And so I observed that hobbits like the Asians in a NL supermarket will go for CHEAP and LOW-FAT (hmmph why are Asians sooo scared of fats?). Therefore, you’ll see Asians stocking up on low-fat milk/skim in their carts because it’s cheaper than whole/full-cream milk, and yes, we like everything low-fat. We Asians are blinded to the fact that skim milk contains less nutrients (i.e. proteins, vitamins) and has more sugar content in it to make up for lost taste.

It is also sad that many Asians are lactose intolerant. I was in China for a business trip and my Chinese couterparts had a very ‘difficult time’ after I bought them Starbucks latte. If you notice in Beijing, Starbucks are springing like mushrooms but most Chinese still order flavoured tea or Americano (from my observation), as many can’t enjoy milk in their coffee.

Right…so enough of why we Asians are hobbits while the Dutch are not. Let’s discuss the disparity and indirect ‘discrimination’ we as Asians face in The Netherlands. This is TOTALLY true as it is based on the multitude incidences that I experience in a single country alone.

1. I can’t get to the shower head:
Okay, so my mum advised that I am not supposed to lift my arms beyond my head to grab anything above me. It is an old wives’ pantang because doing so may cause the baby in the womb to “drop” down and gets detached from my placenta, or intestines to curl around the baby’s neck. To me, WHATEVER!! The problem is not the baby. The problem is I can’t bring down the shower head to bathe my body. Two of the accommodations gave me a hard time as the room cleaners placed the shower head sooo damn high up, I can’t bring it down for my kinda shower. Nope, tip toe won’t do either. So, let it rain. There goes my wet hair everyday.
This damn Dutch cleaners!!! Why they place the adjustable shower head so high? Never think of hobbits like us meh?
2. I don’t even have to sit on the toilet bowl:
You know, as a hobbit, I have to tip-toe (!) before I can properly position my beautiful buttocks on the the toilet bowl. I was thinking: my as well don’t sit and please go ahead doing your no. 1 and 2 standing. You freaking Dutch built the toilet bowls sooo damn high, never think for hobbits like me! Damn.
1. Can’t see my face:
My father only could shave half of his mustache/stubbles. I can’t pop my pimples, while my mum can’t see herself brushing her teeth. This is the consequence of the Dutch people placing their bathroom mirrors sooo high. Even tip-toeing can’t help(!), and my dad didn’t complete his shaving cause he can’t see himself in the mirror.
WHY you put the mirror so damn high!?
4. Back out from the urinal:
This happened to my dad in a restaurant’s toilet. There’s urinal and there’s a single toilet cubicle. Dad can’t place his d*** to the urinal to pee because urinal was located at his waist-level. Not that my dad’s d**k was not long enough; the urinals were placed sooo freaking high, he can’t stand and pee. And at the same time, the cubicle was occupied at that time. Give up. Terus give up. And my dad is not that short, ok.
Why you Dutch sooo tall and place the male urinal soo high lah!?

5. Trouble signing my credit card for purchases:

Again, the table counters are so high (e.g. in museums, restaurants), I have to tip-toe to sign my credit card upon purchase. In The Hague, the Dutch lady behind the ticketing counter had a hard time hiding her giggles when I she just saw my eyes and nose, but not my mouth. I had to tip toe and sign my purchases when she blurted: “Well, this place was built with ONLY the Dutch in mind”,


Okay, end of my rant. Now I know why Dutch people are so great in many sports and dominates world arena – hockey, squash, soccer, swimming: they are tall. In sports, being tall beats talent/skills in many ways. I see our soccer team like looney tiny cartoon in the field against the Europeans.
Nevertheless, if you do notice, Asians are slowly becoming taller. We have access to meat (protein), our kids are genetically more tolerant to dairy, and eating less rice (carbs) compared to our grandfathers and forefathers. Keep up the proteins, people!

Babymoon in The Netherlands

My office is somewhere here

I got a job-attachment for 1.5 months to Leiden, South Holland. I am delighted that my work as a research chemist does not confine me to the laboratory (which I initially feared) but also beyond the four chemical-laden walls. I am now doing computer simulations and modeling of chemical structures, so basically there’s a lot of software/programming work to learn for a dead-wood-in-computing like myself. Oh well, gotta survive in this industry by learning new knowledge every time.

Hi from Amsterdam!
De Valk  windmill in Leiden
One mustn’t miss the Leiden market on Weds and Sats.
Al fresco is what everyone here does. It’s summer!

One thing I felt blessed is that this job attachment-cum-training coincides with the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. If you didn’t know, this trimester is the most comfortable for a pregnant woman to travel because of decreasing morning sickness and stabilization of the womb inherently associated with this trimester. And another blessing: the appetite has escalated these few weeks!

Mum and I in the apartment

Leiden is located approximately 35 km south of Amsterdam. It’s a large university town (like Serdang), and here lies the oldest university in The Netherlands, of course: Leiden University. Leiden is also the birthplace of Rembrandt van Rijn, the world’s most famous painter. Personally, his painting makes more sense than Van Gogh’s (but that’s just me). Leiden town is basically sustained by its locals and university students alike. It’s so much cleaner and fresher than hectic Amsterdam, and it’s just a 15-min bus ride to the beautiful tulip gardens of Keukenhof. Leiden is peaceful; it’s not that small nor large that you can’t enjoy the entire town by foot, having very considerate drivers and cyclists and has some established Asian restaurants here for my baby just in case he craves for some gu lou yok rice (well, that did happened ok. See pic below).

This is gu lou yok rice my little baby craved. Ordered for 1 pax, but came a portion for three (no wonder Dutch people are tallest in the world).

My baby is good boy, I guess. Although the nausea is still here some times, my baby allows me to walk between 2-10 km around Leiden town and its vicinity. He does not complain because somehow baby knows that mummy here was a marathon runner and wouldn’t let him complain anyway, because I want to walk as exercise. A walk from the my accommodation to my workplace within the university is approximately 2.1 km (one way), and if I feel tired after work or when the temperature drops to <10 deg C, I will take the bus. But of course, I would prefer to walk back to my accommodation to clock in another 2.1 km, but somehow the weather is still erratic. I am not impressed that summer temperatures can range from 7-23 degC. It’s sunny in the afternoon, and bamm, you get rain (the drizzle type) in the night. Some rain has got me into shivers and some had me run for shelter.

Chow mien, and tasted authentic.

Parents are here but only for 3 weeks. They make full use of the apartment by cooking chinese dishes for me. Yes, WARM dishes is what I deserve: ABC soup, bakkutteh, ginger chicken with rice, stir-fried (not broiled) broccoli with garlic, etc. The Dutch eats bread and sandwiches every single day – breakfast, dinner, lunch, and I wasn’t complaining in the first week as I love bread and dairy products such as Dutch gouda cheeses and milk, but I think I have had it too much. Sandwiches here are frequently served with cold-cut meats; it looked and tasted raw. Doubt there’s any bad bacteria in there but I think better avoid for pregnancy-sake.

Went to Amsterdam but was not impressed with the crowd. Amsterdam was very crowded on that particular holiday weekend, but more so, the people, cyclist here are less considerate and looked angry. Think KL vs. Ipoh drivers 🙂 In spite of that, Amsterdam is still worth a visit and has pretty with nice churches, architecture, and great museums. Made some milestone here: Walked 20 km(!) in total around Amsterdam, managed the famous Dutch pancake pannenkoek, went to eat at an Argentinian steakhouse, raked in some (free) cheeses, picnic by the park, and was part of the 500m queue to museums, not!

Dutch pancake with strawberries and syrup in Amsterdam – pannenkoek
Rijksmuseum featuring most of Rembrandt’s work.
500 m queue to Rijksmuseum. Also same length for Van Gogh Museum
Park in front of the Rijksmuseum having a picnic of a time!
Bitterballen is a Dutch snack
Steak and pasta, for a change

I was also in The Hague, which is this the administration capital of The Netherlands. Just 15 min by train from Leiden, it offers much better supermarkets and shopping escapades. Of course, it is a very very much larger city compared to Leiden – with an established China Town there. There’s an asian supermarket there but was ultimately disappointed there wasn’t bak kut teh mix sold. I am happy I made a quick trip to The Hague as initially I was just thinking of lazying in the hotel, reading some journal articles. Milestones in The Hague: Maruitshuis Museum containing Rembrandt’s self portrait and Vermeer’s Girl in a Pearl Earrings, Parliament house (Binnenhof), ChinaTown, Grote Market, Chinese restaurant (Fat Kee) and Primark to buy some quality baby clothing.

The Maritshuis
Like Mona Lisa, everyone wants to see her. But I am not quite sure why.
Got near to the very famous Vermeer’s Girl in a Pearl Earring.
Rembrandt’s last self-potrait before he died the same year he painted this.
Dutch Parliamentary area

Babymoon, it is.

I will be alone once again when they return to Malaysia very soon. But I am not quite lonely because for 2 weeks already, I started feeling my boy kicking. At one point, he kicked me so damn hard to request for me to rest from the over-walking around The Hague. I am so enjoying the freshest of air and good quality of life here, but this is not home. Where’s the teh tarik and nasi lemak in the morning? Where’s my bakkutteh and Sentul hokkien noodles? My heart is still back home, and my heart is now where my hubby is who could be lying there reading his economic book, or maybe ironing his own clothes, or giggling at some funny Cantonese movie. Miss you much, hubby!

Here are some photos of me and my parents Keukenhof, four days before it closes for the rest of the year.

The tulips has bloomed, indicating end of the season.
Can you believe the various colours of lilies here. I thought they only come in white and pink.

Another Milestone

Yes, I am pregnant.

Not a surprise to many because I was caught NOT drinking coffee and tea anymore. I was caught NOT going for runs and races. And I was caught nauseating and sleeping on the job.
How about that for not announcing until after 1st trimester, eh….FAIL terus!
So when people at work asked, just tell them the truth. Especially my manager because as of now, I must reduce my duration and exposure to the many chemicals in the laboratory. As a chemist (nama pun chemist, susah), there’s no way to avoid the laboratory. So I told my bosses early to so they understand I will be delegating most of the hazardous jobs to other colleagues. I learnt to let go for 3 months di, and it felt great! Because my priorities of changed okay. Baby comes first.

While writing this, I do feel like a piece of useless person – lying on the sofa whole day cause I just feel tired WHOLE damn day, stealing a nap every moment I can, and having super bad nausea if I smell something weird from any place or foods. Belacan (no asam laksa please!), any form of fish dish, milk and seafood are big no-nos. But I have no complains because my dear mother and mother-in-law got it worse (e.g. bed-ridden for 4-7 months), so I am relatively grateful that my morning(and night) sickness is not as bad as many that’s I’ve known. But it sure didn’t subside yet!

My mum said it’s already a blessing that I could still eat and not puke any thing I put on my mouth. But still, at my current standards, I felt: effing useless. Fatigue is so real!!! Every time I sit down, I just want to sleep -be it at work or at home. I must move. When I move, I feel slightly less nauseous, but not too much because then I would feel soo tired. *you tell me confusing boh?*

People said that NOW is the time to rest and sleep all you want. Because you won’t have sleep anymore when the baby pops out. That’s true, right. I’ve seen it in my friends and relatives. Why am I resisting sleep/rest? Because it’s just so me to NOT to feel useless. I am such a go-getter and still want to do everything even during pregnant.

Then comes the “advices”. From every part of the universe and this earth. Can really die ok hearing people telling me this and that cause it gets you freaking confuse:- Eat this not that, do this not that, don’t eat cold things, don’t eat too hot things, don’t drink caffeine, tea also kenot, don’t drink Chinese herbs at all, drink ginseng (but don’t drink this whatever Chinese name), don’t squat, don’t watch ugly movies like my fav. Walking Dead, don’t go to lab at all, don’t even go to office cause our office got chemicals in ventilation (wtf, quit job meh), don’t drink Bird’s nest, please drink Bird’s nest (getting more confused), don’t eat tofu, don’t drink soya bean, don’t eat banana, don’t eat apple too cooling (I have cravings for green apples and I am piling up on them), don’t run, but jog (wtf), swim but not butterfly (wtf advice), don’t use phone, nanti kena cancer otak,……………etc. Haiyorr, can die ok, although they are for my good (but no phone, hello??!).

Still the best advice comes from my own mum. She only advice me 4 things:

1. Don’t eat pineapple
2. Don’t take Cincau
3. Don’t take Chinese herbs because I am still super healthy and not weak. (Take only if I am super weak and like no energy and bed-ridden).
4. Don’t overeat and get too fat, cause I look terrible when I am fat (but what if I can’t help it?). LOL mum!?

Otherwise, eat whatever you want in moderate amounts. I am lucky to be able to still eat and not puke (just nauseous) and my mum said I should be grateful. Alhamdulillah. People tell me to take this herb and that but because I don’t know Chinese and don’t remember Chinese herbs names, so I neglect all advice if there’s any Chinese herb name on that ‘advice’.

When hubby first knew, he was super delighted – told my MIL, FIL. I called my parents after telling hubby. Not surprising, the news spread (in Ipoh) as quick as wild fire because my mum’s mouth is wild fire. lol. In KL, news was slower to spread, but colleagues got to know first because…what else…caught sleeping on job watt.


I don’t know what to expect at this point, but sorry to say, I have had quite enough of the many advices. I research myself is better cause I myself is researcher/chemist and I hope to judge for myself. The other day I drank Teh Ais also kenot; kena reprimanded from friend. But that’s like okay, right? My Malay colleague drank Teh Ais day in day out during pregnant, 5 bijik baby already pun no problem.

Just go through day after day, trying not to listen to too many advice. I hear only, but tak masuk dalam telinga. I am also NOT trying to read too many pregnant articles and forums cause sometimes they suck for giving you anxiety and panic for no reason. Now I just trying to relax and enjoy doing NOTHING the whole day. Currently reading a book on Stephen Hawking called The Grand Design on how the universe is being modeled and perceived by normal people like you and me. How about that for baby’s reading session, eh? Hehehe.


P/S: If you are thinking this baby was the product of our honeymoon in Turkey, no it isn’t! I am so glad it wasn’t Made In Turkey cause Fong will sure name my baby Mustapha or Constantinople Fong.