You can do it, guys!

Whassup August?!

Before you know it, it’s already mid-August and  for me, August is the month of flowers. Roses to be exact. I am not shy to say (to all the guys out there): every girl in this world loves flowers. And guys, it’s always worth giving flower(s) to your love ones though I totally know many guys out there will curse me for campaigning for this. Don’t cha believe it if a girl tells you she’s not into flowers – that’s BS.

Cause any girl will go head-over-heels over flowers!

Guys, guys, give real flowers. If you’re like my dad who thinks real flowers represents real love, then you’re right. Though it wilts and last barely a week, at least it’s FOR REAL. I don’t buy into the idea of giving fake plastic flowers that obviously doesn’t die, but you think it may represent everlasting love? Nah….so not appropriate. Leave fake flowers for decorating houses. 😛

     Bouquet I got when I was at Secret of Louisiana, KJ. The flowers were a surprise, an so was the venue. Hidden gem of Selangor.
I got these roses for no apparent reason.
…and these too.
This are fee yen’s bouquet after complaining not getting one (when I got 2 in a month!).Kidding lah… Hubby surprised her with these white bouquet for anniversary. Sweet!
YP’s bouquet of lilies (pretty!) sent by hubby to her office.*sorry for copywriting this fr your FB

OOoooo…seems like a trend here. Let’s keep it up, guys!

But just want to set the record straight: besides flowers and roses, I am also into Coach bags, Gucci, Sports Cars, Tiffany’s Diamonds, Blue Mountain coffe, Fois Gras, Caviar, Kobe beef, etc, etc, etc…. (fill in the blanks with luxury items here). Muahahahaha.

And btw, my Ph.D. graduation/convocation (sigh, finally!) will be this October 15th. *Hint**hint*


I just love the Spongebob Squarepants sticker used during today’s Pacemaker’s Relay Run. See, see, rambut serabut and blur….just like I every morning! I chose this sticker cause it reminds me that I need to get a hair cut quite quickly.

I’ve never done a relay, but it’s pretty stressful. My pace was brought to a sprint(!), and I was panting the sh*t out of myself upon passing the baton to the next runner. But believe me, I had really great fun with the SpongeBob Square Pants/ BKT runners 🙂

More pics of the event in my FB page.

Ivy Out!


>Here we go again…..


Yes, It’s back!
I mean, it was back for months…..
Let me rephrase: It’s not back, it has always been FOLLOWING me.
This is one of many incidences. Many many incidences. I just managed to capture this with my handphone although it is disallowed at petrol stations.
Other blog posts regarding 111 or 1111 following me (since last year):
P/S: if you didn’t know, Alan’s b’day is 11 November. Come on, what is the chances of meeting a guy with that bday! No kidding!

>"Made With Love"

>My brother touched down from his 51 hour flight (including transits at 4 airports) from Kansas. He said that there was no check on his flight for Influenza A, just walk-thru’ the health scan system in the airport. What we thought would be a thorough >1 hr screening at KLIA on all passengers whose flights transited from NY was actually b***s**t. My brother didn’t feel too well at first. But it’s (hopefully) his jetlag.

My housemate got her Coach; I really didn’t want anything from US. But santa bro got me a Victoria Secret microshorts and a 3 in 1 make-up case that I didn’t ask for. Cost him like US$50 altogether, but it’s actually dad’s money/credit card. He claimed he worked for the money (he cuci pingan mangkuk at the cafeteria), but I don’t trust him. So, thanks DAD!?!

I love the microshorts. It’s already a MICRO-shorts and since my bro thinks I am XS, what was ‘micro’ became ‘wah-so-damn-micro’ shorts!

The microshorts from the PINK-collection are meant for collegiate students (me!) to flaunt their butts. Though my butt is not that flaunty(?) and I am never and never will be a Tyra, Karolina or whatever Angel models, still the shorts made me feel really really good. I love the whole package; it’s the little little things that make your heart bounce in delight: the little pockets, the doggy print (I love dogs!), and the hemline.

VS package their things really intricately; I loved their tags that wrote the words: “Made with Love“. I mean, it’s such itsy-bitsy things that I take notice the most. Even the silica gel.

>I am loving April!

>It’s April 09!!!! And before you know it will be December 09 soon…time flies!!

Time flew pass me too quickly and I which I had a time machine to turn back time. But I am somehow, somehow very glad to have arrived at the month of April.

Why I need April soo badly and to put March behind me real quickly:

1. My laptop hard-disk crashed on me. I cried. My housemate said I trembled soo bad, I might had fits. I was screaming but no voice came out cause I had no voice. NO voice because my health on March was extremely bad that IN every week in the horrible month of March, I had at least a disease worst than the ugly vocab of Chikugunya – it usually turned out to be a cold, a runny nose, a cough, a sore-throat or a no-voice problem. Somtimes I feel like God’s giving me an MCQ on my health so that I can choose which disease I want for that week (or Semua Di Atas!). So, the day my hard-disk betrayed me was the week that I had almost no voice! NO VOICE!! You deemed yourselves lucky as I was having my PMS that week and my greatest weapon (viz. voice) was not working.

Ish Ish Ish….but I thank God for my brainy decision months before to backup my Ph.D. work. Tada!!! introducing my beloved Google Docs and Office Live Workspace! Though one week worth of writings were lost…..SOB SOB!!!! 😦 ……at least I’ve got to retrieve some significant work from those backups. As of now, I will continue to type from my online office.

(BTW, I’ve gotten myself a new hard disk di!)

2. Okay, you guys have been saying that my housemate and I were crazy ppl that never stop having ideas of doing this and that, but it’s never done or even never got started. Pink is the ultimate procrastinator, while I am tag hugely with the ugly word ‘complacency’. However:
Actually, behind your backs, we have done something……very big, but it is a still a big secret. That’s one reason why we can’t wait for APRIL to come! We will both reveal it soon.

Oh, how our mums are going to kill us 😛

>The Ultimate Question

>Darn…my parents are here in KL. That means I am bombarded by nothing else but phrases very much related to CLEANLINESS e.g. “Why the floor soo sticky?”,Why the cupboard and TV sooo dusty?”, “Why the ceiling got spider-web?” (that’s why I’m an ‘avid’ entomologist, mum!)” or worst of all: “Why don’t you cook everyday since soo things so expensive now?”. (kinda contradictory, ’cause cooking means getting the house oily and that’s why I seldom cook, get it!?).

But this time round, I was thrown one question that I would never expect from my parents. And it went somthing like that:

When are you getting married? We will be very happy for you if you get married too, u know. It’s about time you THINK ABOUT IT. You arr…never even think about it. Married is a good thing, but make sure you’re happy with him……..Not enough money to start a new life?? There’s never enough money to start a new life! If he thinks about you, he’ll marry you when he loves you, not when he found money, or car, or big house. Life starts automatically, money or no money. If you wait for car, money, bungalow, everything to turn up beautifully and then only you get married, I’m sure he’s a 45-year-old guy by then”.

“If he loves you and he THINKS about YOU, he’ll marry you now, cause he’ll THINKS about the kids you will be bearing and not himself solely. He should understand that you should have the FIRST child beyond 30. It’s risky as I’ve seen soo many Down syndrome cases and complications as I took care of kids along already, etc. etc. etc. …………”

And then, Dad added, “Last time when we married your mum, I was without savings. Now I millionaire” Ohhh…Dad (when were you ever a millionaire, duh! Say little when you nothing to say next time. In a good way, I believe Beh should concur my Dad’s statement.

I answered, “I know lah…er…er…er…but I also dunno lah, up to him also watt because his life’s philosophy is……”. Since the night FP, Callie and I went to watch Bride’s War, I do not think about how my marriage day or the ‘aftermath’ of it would be. What triggers the question from my parents could be at that moment of conversation there was this news in E! Channel about Madonna and whatever kiddo she’s living in now and Jennifer Aniston with that John Mayer dating life on air. Parents caught up with Hollywood?! Or maybe earlier I told my parents about my to-date THREE invitations to weddings in 2009 already.

This month has been a self-relfection time for me too. They call it the Crossroad. These are the times I loathe but will consequently face.

1. I always make my Ph.D. number one priority. Finish it first, then only we talk about other things, k? Which will subsequently come to point no. 2:

2. I will marry only when I start working. Which is NOT teaching swimming although it could earn me more than my future job.

3. Uncle Kuok needs me to work a proper job. Which is NOT teaching swimming.

4. I have a house, a car, and savings. But I have not found my true passion yet. Which is NOT Salsa. Which is definitely not insects. Not shopping. It was Aikido. Maybe it IS swimming? Writing? I don’t know…..

5. Marriage comes naturally, and it comes from the male-side of things (Of course mar, I propose to him meh?!)

6. Almost forgot: I need a man.

My dad came out with a simple solution: Engage first.




Wait…….. isn’t that Marriage too?!

>"Miracle man, I am fat!"

>So many times have I purchased stuffs online. Things ranging from rare DVDs, books, books and…yah, seems like books only. I usually have no faith in buying things that requires a size, e.g. shoes, clothings or swim suits, because I dunno what my size is ….until today, when I measured my body with a tape. Err…not something I am proud off to reveal.

Today will be the first 2 clothings in my entire life being purchase online! Because of these 2 purchases, I have now greater faith in online shopping especially on clothings. But the greatest faith I have (besides in Jesus) is actually on the indian-man seamstress(?) in front of my apartment. He’s a Miracle Man. Armed with an old sewing machine, he just has the ability to fix every of my clothing in no time! I think it’s quite weird too (or issit his business talk?) that he says CAN or YAH YAH YAH (like in Lingam’s phone case) to fixing/modifying every single clothes I passed to him! To date, I’ve asked him to fixed like 10 of my clothings!! Sometimes I wonder if I asked him to sew me a bra/panty, will he have said YAH YAH YAH too? Let me have the courage to find that out……….

Back to my online purchases: I love them both! Even from the pics from the webpage, I fell in love virtually and instantly! I thought: “Well, no harm buying something that I adore so much (while salivating in front of the screen) and it’s sooo cheap too! If it doesn’t fit, I’ve got my Indian Miracle Man right outside”

True enough, one of the dresses doesn’t really fit properly. I am fat! Case close.

At least it was a risk that I took and now I can confidently say I am daring.

Daring like you, Jonie, YAH YAH YAH??????

P/S: No pics of my purchases because they are for my indulgence and my indulgence ONLY. Hhahahahaa… However, here are the websites I’ve done my purchases from:


>First thing that flies thru’ your shallow brains could be that my Kelisa failed on me. Overhaul.

But it’s not. It’s my looks. I did a overhaul on my hair… and face. I haven’t had a radical hair change since 1997, hence today was historical. I never had a single facial treatment in my entire life. Last week was historical as well.

My aunt works as the manager in BSC’s Leonard & Drake under Dermalogica and her clients include Najib himself, Mahathir’s daughter-in-law and last week, I felt like VIP because not only she did she invite me to do it in her house but with service as good as what was given to Najib’s f**ked-up wife. I felt more than a VIP because it’s FOC and it was done in her house. All my blackheads and T-zones since my puberty were removed. The facial hair, sebums and pores were cleared-up. Not even 10 years of Lancome products could save you if you do not first remove these impurities which have been embedded inside the skin since I turned woman. Only now can my Lancome products work its way thru’ me.

Then comes my hair. Mavis from high school harsh one-liner kept me wondering for 2 weeks++. She said my hair was conservative and has never left me since SPM. My housemate’s ‘fashion-nagginess’ left me thinking of a new hair-do. I knew it was time:

After church, I went to the Curve and spot this chic looking salon and said just this: “I want a overhaul and it must be below RM400”. I went home with an overhaul but poorer by RM500. After SIX hours at the salon with a phoned-in lunch delivered from Thai Express (wow!!!) as well as two coffees I personally requested for (instead of chinese tea), five women mags and 150 pages of Tyler Cowen’s “Discover Your Inner Economics” plus the prologue of Tim Harfords’ “Logic of Life” – I was made! Immediately, I felt a sense of relieved/renewed. Thank you: my hairstylist and washer (I had my hair washed 4 freaking times) – Daniel and Cat.

Permed and coloured. 

I will return to this hair salon as they were amazing ppl. I wanted to go somewhere else for my hairdo, but with due respect to Callie, I had to change my mind. Hahhahaa. JeanYip Salon was actually Plan B. I bet the rest of you knew what Plan A was, eh Callie..???