>Bad Romance! LOL!!!

>I was sooo exhausted from everything that has happened this few weeks. First, was I had literally a work overload which i initially thought I could cope, but I obviously couldn’t. I went down sick last Wednesday due to stress (I was not sick for half a year already!). Then, came more reports to write; my company’s kinda having their mid year appraisal; and last but not least, I had a disease called ‘Procrastination’ – which elevated whatever workload I already had!

I stumbled upon this video from a blog I followed. It totally cheered me up! It totally released 50% of my stress. You need to watch this: It made my day!!! I hope it made yours too. It would be one of the cutest skit ever done. One of the best music videos by Gaga, became this:

BTW, it reminded me of Chin Yee & Ling2’s wedding where the heng-tais went up to sing Robbie William’s “Better Man”. They were all soooo brave and amazingly ‘prepared’. HOWEVER, what would be more interesting is that, I am putting (imagining) if my friends were these students who did Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

Take care y’all! ZzzzZzzzZZZ


>That was one annoying David!


I can’t stomach him at all. Archuleta. Maybe he’s too ‘nice’ as he smiles too often. Archuleta. His facial features reminded me of the typical creepy ventriloquist’s puppet doll. Archuleta. He doesn’t answer any question properly and shrugs them off by blurping ‘I don’t know’. Archuleta. He sang only emo songs. Archuleta. I am saying this not because I’m jealous of talented people, because anyway, Archuleta is too short for my liking. Archuleta – the annoying David.

There was never a doubt that he was the most talented singer of all 12 finalists. He could impress any tone-deaf person with his rendition of Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. I realised that he voice has not crack a bit nor has he hit a wrong note ever before. Never a pitch problem. They called him a singing prodigy. But is he Idol material? Well, not that I care because I’m not in America; I can’t vote. To me, Archuleta is not Idol material as he does not have the package. He just sings well but this boy Archuleta, does not perform.
David Cook is Idol material. He is human and he makes mistakes (Archuleta made a blunder too – forgetting his lyrics during his Top 10 performance (ooooOOOO..). Cook is a soul rocker. My genre! He is calm. He performs and when he sang Phantom Of The Opera’s Music Of The Night, I was moved and my heart sank. I also love his rock rendition of ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Always Be my Baby’ and ‘Hello’. Cook had never intended to audition for Idol which made him even more special as he was found! He’s 25 and he is by the way, my type. It’s pure personal preference anyway.
Cook is also a talent. He’s in fact more versatile than Archuleta and can even sing the whole phonebook (quoted by Randy). Simon told Leno that he wanted Cook to win American Idol 7 as he deserves it. Well, after soo many seasons of American Idol, I realised that you don’t have to win to be famous or successful in this competitive industry. I believe more people will buy Cook’s album than David’s even if the former doesn’t win (who has ever bought Taylor Hicks’ album eh?). American Idol is, however, a popularity contest. Archuleta takes the popularity, but the real stage talent belongs to Cook.
(watching AI7 finale now. Archuleta did well. Annoyingly expected!).


>Josh Groban’s Noel


JoshThis holiday album really did beat the hell out of celebrated A.I. 6 winner Jordin Sparks’ debut album. It’s a real winner. I downloaded the whole Noel album and the first song I heard from my iTunes: “Angels We Have Heard On High” was truly amazingly wondrous (give me another superlative!). His angelic voice is a gift from God. This song also feat. Brian McKnight who has a mellow voice corroborates well with Josh’s, making the tune stuck in your mind whole night long. I can’t sleep now. And it’s 3am.

A must buy (or download :P) for everybody in this planet. Josh Groban himself have always impressed me even from his very first album ‘Closer’ and his hit single “You Raise Me Up”. When I watch him acted in one of the episode of Ally McBeal, he sang “To Where You Are” and my eye got all teary just listening to that song.

“Noel” is a must buy album and a great gift for this Christmas season. I rate it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

“Silent Night” really silence-off the other cool (and quite good, actually!) catchy song that keeps sticking in my mind –Gimme More” by Britney Spears. With her life in such a mess, I think she did great with this song. It saved her face a little.



Searching for a house in Klang Valley is not easy. I have been asking for advice from various people and parents. I used to have knowledge about houses and apartments in Klang Valley as I was doing some real estate brokering after I graduated.
I have set my mind to get a landed-property. Condos and apartments sounds terrific – with their amenities and gym and swimming pool (!), but it is not a good buy/investment because of the maintenance fees. Even after you’ve payed-up the whole sum for the condo/apartment in say…15 years, you still have to keep paying the maintenance fee. Sometimes, a condo or apartment may be priced even higher than a landed one. The downside of high rise is that you may somehow get stuck with ppl you don’t like, and you cannot avoid their disgusting or irresponsible antics (Thanks Sensei for this advice).
So, I’ll get a landed one. But where? Puchong? I heard Bandar Puteri Puchong is real good. The place is superb. But, since the high demand for the houses there a couple of years back, the prices of the house there has shot-up tremendously. Puchong is great as it is a very convenient, the place is growing like hell, and it’s on the way to my uni. I stayed in Puchong for 3-4 years already. I love Puchong, but I had to pass the bloody Sunway toll to get to town/aikido (downside).
Bukit Jalil is great too. I love the bypass, which seldom gets jammed. Then, the LRT station in the stadium is good for commuting to town for work. And it’s near UPM. I teach swimming in Bukit Jalil too. But no new development there. Kinrara is nearby and there’s this hill near the bypass that is currently developed into a large housing areas, just behind Kinrara Golf Club. But seems like another 3-4 years (I can’t wait) for the developer to finish the estate. Sentul is great too. But, no new landed properties in Sentul.
Many things to consider before getting a house. Lots! Cannot think now. Talking about ‘house’ – hmmphhh…reminded me of my fav. Dr. House.
To be continue….

>Prestige, Punked!, Boiling Point (MTV)


ThePrestige – the best movie of the year 2006. Thanks Eddie for recommending it. I’ve always love Brad Pitt, but after watching this movie, I think I’ve fallen in love with Hugh Jackman. I think he’s real sexy. No doubt – Hugh Jackman – the sexiest man today! Sorry Brad, you’ve lost the spot.

600I watched Punked! in V-channel last week with my boyboy at home. There’s this Ashton Kutcher who plays teribble-and-very-real pranks on celebrity, and last week, they played a superb prank on Hugh Jackman. His friends house got ‘burned’ due to a barbaque stove that was aledgely switched on by Jackman. Ashton’s team managed to actually ‘brought down’ the whole house, together with so-said one million dollar art pieces in the house. Man, I pity Hugh Jackman….he almost cried. His friend was damn good in acting. I mean, this is the first time I pitied a guy from being Punked! I’ve seen many, many celebrities being Punked!, but this was the most pitiful because the prank was absolutely real!

I also watched MTV Boiling Point (Malaysia version) on MTV. (Okay, I love watching these kinda stuffs). There this prank that MTV plays on people to make them go fuming or enraged(!), and if the person didn’t end up on a killing spree, then he/she wins RM200 on the spot. Guess what, my lab mate was being ‘boiled’, but she managed to last 10 minutes without getting mad/angry, and MTV gave her the RM200! I told her today that I saw her on TV and she was soooooo embarassed, and said that she almost punched the guy (who pass her a burned CD instead of a original one in Tower Records). And she said she wouldn’t think anyone would watch MTV’s Boiling Point in Astro.”Because students usually don’t have Astro maaa”. Oh yeah, so I am the only exception – she was shocked that I managed to recognise her on TV. Never thought people would recognise you, hah!!?? She haven’t even watched herself on Boiling Point.