>My Sister’s Keeper

>The movie was first introduced by my younger brother who himself cried twice over the same movie. Sorry, an understatement – he SOBBED!

If you think you’ve cried enough in Nicholas Sparks’ ultimate romantic movie ‘The Notebook’, the same director has once again relived *sniff sniff* your crying experience in Picoult’s ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. Definitely a different plot, but this director has never failed to ignite the emotions of belonging, agape love and most definitely – the issue of live and death through his movies.

Abigail Breslin played the genetically-engineered younger sister that was ‘brought to this world’ for the sole purpose of supplying her leukemia-striken sister with her organs and bone marrow fluids. While her acting has been acknowledged with a nomination by the Oscars for best supporting actress in the Academy award-winning film ‘Little Miss Sunshine, she acted decently well as the little sister though her role was not as outstanding as in the latter. I have to also give credit to Cameron Diaz as mum in this film – I never thought she could act so convincingly in such deep-issued-laden movie because I’ve always compared her to former movies like “There’s Something about Mary” (loved it!) and the latest release “Knight and Day” with *vomit* Tom Cruise.

While I tagged “Little Miss Sunshine” as one of my best movie experience of all time, “My Sister’s Keeper” presently tops them all!

The movie made me sob; it made FP sob to the max. But definitely a good-kinda sob…..

Ratings: 8/10



>In conjunction with Kelly Clarkson’s coming to KUL on Sunday, and for my love of GLee, here’s one of my best piece from the musical series:

“My Life Will Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson/Glee Cast

On the surface, GLee seemed pretty much like High School Musical and upon hearing the word, you may see some ppl putting on the ‘ewwww’ or ‘urggh’ faces, but I shan’t say so….It’s really really good, esp. the mash up of some great songs and vocals by the casts. The choreography looked simple, but always make me wanna jump up the sofa and dance too..

…or maybe it’s just me. I love musicals/theatre/plays. But personally, everyone should watch Glee. Oh ya, my mum adores this series…

* Oh, forgot to add that this Kelly Clarkson song is my 2nd best song from Glee. My ultimate Glee song is “Defying Gravity”.


>When I was in London, I insisted on entering the Tower of London even though the entrance fee cost my parents a fortune. There, the enthusiastic guards (their tour-guide) explained about the terrors of the Tower, in which I thought were highly exaggerated, but most of these were facts on the reign of Henry the VIII and his infamous scheming mistress – Anne Boleyn, who soon became queen of England with the consequence of the King departing from Catholism.

Natalie Portman was stellar in the movie. Who could be more suitable for the role of Anne, the smarter sister of the two, bitch and seducer that caught the eyes of the King, but himself couldn’t even come close to touching her in the beginning. She acted well in V for Vendetta and I expect no less from her in this movie. 

What I’ve learnt from this movie is that being a bitch is okay. Being highly ambitious is fine. But finally, you will have your head on the chopping board, that is if you go-overboard. So, don’t be too scheming. Do put in effort(s), but have this phrase in mind: Come what may. Don’t try toooo hard.

>Singapura, oh Singapura!


On 21st July, I went to Singapore for a reunion with 21 of my SIF fellows. Can’t believe it has been 5 years and everyone looked just the same as they were 5 years back!! Well, there are some minor changes though – Man became thin, Dat is sooo built and Claudia is 5-months pregnant. Otherwise, everyone remained the same as who they were 5 years ago. Our childishness has not disappear either – playing all those crazy drinking games (thanks Dat!).
Jo Nie, Boon King and I watched this silly, comedy, low-budget New Zealand film called “Black Sheep” (what else could New Zealanders do but to film their own sheeps…sigh). From the title, I knew it would be hillarious. Jo Nie and I burst out laughing each and every minute! Non-stop. But there were many bloody scenes too. Imagine you are in New Zealand and there’s nothing there but sheeps, and this crazy GM sheep comes attacking you by munching at your flesh and then you turn into…ya….a sheep too!!! Oh, soo bloooooody and bloody funny!!! Good entertainment.

I missed my Harry Potter 7 dateline because of this Singapore trip. MPH man came right to my doorstep but I wasn’t there. When I went to MPH to collect my book and free gift, MPH said that no transaction was being made and my name was not in their list of bookings. Ohhh…sooo sucky…First, I realised that MPH priced their HP7 book RM99.90 while Tesco was at RM69.90. I could have just cancel my online booking months ago and purchase the potter book from Tesco instead. Then, I had to go allllllll the way to MPH Midvalley twice to ask them about my transaction that has already been debited to my credit card. I became furious because they couldn’t fix my problem. Money paid, but no book! So expensive some more….. Alas, MPH claim there was a mixed-up and finally after all this silly hassles, I got my Potter book.

First thing I did was to run through the epilogue – the last 7 pages. So, Harry Potter is alive. And that’s it! That’s all I need to know!!! I haven’t open the book since. I shelved my Potter away and continued reading my other book that I have started since last week – Middlesex. Seems I am not a Pottermania anymore.

Girls, girls, can’t wait to go Cameron Highlands. Camerons will be my final trip for this month or two. Saving money for overseas trips, and my parent’s 30th anniversary this X’mas.

>Months of movies

>The month of June and July have been movies-month for me. Transformers was good. Watched it twice somemore. Even Titanic – I just watched it once on big-screen. And then there’s Die Hard 4.0, but it was not as good as expected. Maybe because my expectations were a little too high. Die Hard 3 was the ultimate Die Hard. Die Hard 4.0 had no climax; the villain was a sissy computer guy and the scene where a jet shooting on this big truck that Bruce Willis was in looked entirely wrong and irrational. I prefer if the truck would just turn into Optimus Prime or something. More believable than a bunch of empty, falling highways. Samy Vellu would not like Die Hard 4.0 because the damaged highways would remind him soo much of our Malaysian ones.

Then, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (mouth-full!) was saddeningly not even to par with the other Potter movies. No quiddith, hate the maturity of all the casts, too much junk at the end and the movie ended abruptly. Well, it was the weakest book (and story line) so I guess it’s the weakest movie soo far of all Potters.

I still believe that the British movie Hot Fuzz was the best soo far this year. Unexpectedly, the british humour did work well on me! The partnership between the 2 polices worked sooo well too. The whole movie had a good combination of humour, action (soo good!), and well-created script. I think the whole occult thingy that existed in the small ‘crime’-free village is a little absurd though. I recommend this show to everyone!

I am now watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives 3 on 8TV! Wow, time flies..



Searching for a house in Klang Valley is not easy. I have been asking for advice from various people and parents. I used to have knowledge about houses and apartments in Klang Valley as I was doing some real estate brokering after I graduated.
I have set my mind to get a landed-property. Condos and apartments sounds terrific – with their amenities and gym and swimming pool (!), but it is not a good buy/investment because of the maintenance fees. Even after you’ve payed-up the whole sum for the condo/apartment in say…15 years, you still have to keep paying the maintenance fee. Sometimes, a condo or apartment may be priced even higher than a landed one. The downside of high rise is that you may somehow get stuck with ppl you don’t like, and you cannot avoid their disgusting or irresponsible antics (Thanks Sensei for this advice).
So, I’ll get a landed one. But where? Puchong? I heard Bandar Puteri Puchong is real good. The place is superb. But, since the high demand for the houses there a couple of years back, the prices of the house there has shot-up tremendously. Puchong is great as it is a very convenient, the place is growing like hell, and it’s on the way to my uni. I stayed in Puchong for 3-4 years already. I love Puchong, but I had to pass the bloody Sunway toll to get to town/aikido (downside).
Bukit Jalil is great too. I love the bypass, which seldom gets jammed. Then, the LRT station in the stadium is good for commuting to town for work. And it’s near UPM. I teach swimming in Bukit Jalil too. But no new development there. Kinrara is nearby and there’s this hill near the bypass that is currently developed into a large housing areas, just behind Kinrara Golf Club. But seems like another 3-4 years (I can’t wait) for the developer to finish the estate. Sentul is great too. But, no new landed properties in Sentul.
Many things to consider before getting a house. Lots! Cannot think now. Talking about ‘house’ – hmmphhh…reminded me of my fav. Dr. House.
To be continue….

>Prestige, Punked!, Boiling Point (MTV)


ThePrestige – the best movie of the year 2006. Thanks Eddie for recommending it. I’ve always love Brad Pitt, but after watching this movie, I think I’ve fallen in love with Hugh Jackman. I think he’s real sexy. No doubt – Hugh Jackman – the sexiest man today! Sorry Brad, you’ve lost the spot.

600I watched Punked! in V-channel last week with my boyboy at home. There’s this Ashton Kutcher who plays teribble-and-very-real pranks on celebrity, and last week, they played a superb prank on Hugh Jackman. His friends house got ‘burned’ due to a barbaque stove that was aledgely switched on by Jackman. Ashton’s team managed to actually ‘brought down’ the whole house, together with so-said one million dollar art pieces in the house. Man, I pity Hugh Jackman….he almost cried. His friend was damn good in acting. I mean, this is the first time I pitied a guy from being Punked! I’ve seen many, many celebrities being Punked!, but this was the most pitiful because the prank was absolutely real!

I also watched MTV Boiling Point (Malaysia version) on MTV. (Okay, I love watching these kinda stuffs). There this prank that MTV plays on people to make them go fuming or enraged(!), and if the person didn’t end up on a killing spree, then he/she wins RM200 on the spot. Guess what, my lab mate was being ‘boiled’, but she managed to last 10 minutes without getting mad/angry, and MTV gave her the RM200! I told her today that I saw her on TV and she was soooooo embarassed, and said that she almost punched the guy (who pass her a burned CD instead of a original one in Tower Records). And she said she wouldn’t think anyone would watch MTV’s Boiling Point in Astro.”Because students usually don’t have Astro maaa”. Oh yeah, so I am the only exception – she was shocked that I managed to recognise her on TV. Never thought people would recognise you, hah!!?? She haven’t even watched herself on Boiling Point.