So this is what motherhood does to you eh. No time to even blog. My last post was like what..3 months ago?!

Truth: I really miss blogging (=leisure writing) besides writing work-related reports. Being a working-mum and without any help from own mum, MIL, a maid or not even a part time maid actually does sucks. I have NO TIME. When I say I have no time, I really mean no time for myself.

Note: Hubby is my biggest helper and supporter at home. My hubby is not like what you expect from any popular urban myth that describes husband as coming back home from work, puts up his legs on the table, reads the paper, waiting for your warm, home-cooked dinner and TV remote on his hands. Nope, nope.When he returns from work, he helps me wipe my son’s butt, bath him, feeds him, boils water, sterilizes, makes pear, apple and vegetable puree and freezes them, takes out the garbage, cuts fruits for me, does the dirty dishes, and brings me out for dinner if I burn my meals. [Check] (for choosing the right hubby).

And since today’s Mother’s Day with my active baby who don’t give a shit about what it is, it’s okay: my hubby celebrated with me by bringing us out to eat wanton mee! Ok watt….this wanton mee shop got aircon ok. Nevertheless, our Mother’s Day festive mood was (expectedly) destroyed by my son’s urge to scream (happy, joyful kinda screaming) and pee pee out of his diapers (don’t ask me how his dick can escape his diaper) in the middle of slurping my yummy wantan soup.

Truth: the wanton mee is really delicious ok. First Mother’s Day 2016: [Check].

In the wanton mee shop. Don’t know want to scold or not, shout happily like sakai. The more we say “Shhhh sshhh”, the more he happy and scream again. Malu oi…

Daniel just turned 7 months old. And I am still alive to witness his milestones aplenty. I mean, I thought I would have turned into a zombie by then, but hallelujah, my brains are still functional, I can walk straight, and still like eating wanton mee (and not human brains). [Check].

He absolutely loves solids of any form. Mummy makes porridge with vege (e.g. pumpkin, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, etc.) every evening and he gobbles them up all for 2 meals a day like a velociraptor. He is a velociraptor since young anyways. Pear puree is his absolute favourite. [Check].

He is always, always happy. Check. Don’t ask me why he’s always happy but he really, really is happy. I don’t like to praise my child (some people say pantang), but sometimes I do wonder why he smiles and laughs all the time (a good thing, right?). Little bit, little bit also laugh. I say something not funny with a straight face also he laughs. Grandma say he gives away his smiles too easily, so now very cheap di. LOL ¬†But hello, mind you, if he ever cries, the cry can be heard up til the next street.

I do nothing also he can laugh. Tak paham lah, mummy.

Laugh laugh laugh all day long, dunno why. Cheap laughs. ūüėõ

He is very active,¬†and his limbs are particularly strong.¬†His legs always give one hell of a powerful kick on tables, on chairs, and anywhere his feet touches. He yanks up and jumps all the time! I think he wants to stand more than crawl *sweat*. He was born with sturdy bones and not the flimsy, soft type you expect of a baby. He fell down also don’t cry wan. I do hope one day he is a sportsman (ahem:¬†triathlete) and hope the sun can make him darker. He’s a bit too fair for a boy. lol. [Check].

“My legs are so strong, I need to jump around and stand up all the time. I hate sitting.”

BTW, he likes sitting on babysit in the car. Makes mummy’s life easier when going to babysitter’s place every weekday. That baby car seat also like macam¬†kena spike with some kind of sleep potion. He SLEEPS every single time I put him on that carseat! Daniel loves his babysitter and family. On many occasions ¬†he didn’t want to get into mummy’s car after work. Boo huhuhu. Nevertheless, I actually do want him to love his babysitter and this indirectly proves that his babysitter takes good care of him. [Check].

As a working mum and no helper at home, my daily routine now makes me so damn bloody tired. Everyday after work around 5.30 pm, corporate mummy becomes stinky, sweaty mummy: Fetch Daniel from babysitter- cook adult’s dinner (almost daily!)-cook baby’s porridge-bath baby-feed baby-play with baby-switch on BabyTV on Astro-handwash baby’s clothes-make baby nap-etc.

Thank God he has a ‘schedule’, therefore his behaviour is easy to predict – time to eat, time to sleep, time to play.

I sometimes cry inside on why my life is so bad – no money to hire maid, no helper, no one to clean my house; I am fat and can only exercise once a week now, and why my life not mewah, Why didn’t I choose and married a rich hubby? Soo poor thing this Ivy Chai, made poor decisions in life, now suffer like mad. My life is so difficult with a house and son she can’t manage by herself. My son sometimes roll on his pee pee, I pick up toys that has drop onto the oily restaurant or kitchen floor and forgot to clean it for a week. I pick up porridge that fell onto the floor but shove it with a spoon back to my son’s mouth cause don’t want to waste. I no money to buy nice toys for him, so his favourite toys is my remote control, and waste papers, crispy old receipts, golf ball. ¬†I no money to buy organic food for him to eat. Chia seed…what?!, *rant rant rant rant*

Truth: I say this ONLY when I can’t handle my child and dinner. Mummy sometimes needs to vent marr and reflect on life. The Larger truth: No regrets marrying my hubby. He is a man that I dare say, of highest integrity (pantang say. hehehe). He is my helper and never complain once (really never, a polar opposite of myself). He loves my son to the moon and back. He does his own ironing(!) and laundry *phew* and see Paragraph 3 for more info. Middle class people in Klang Valley is like dat lah. With our salaries combined, we are both captain planets of our home.

Thank God also for MIL and my mum that always gives me meat and homegrown vegetables for a month’s worth of home-cooked dinner.

Thank you my Mum, my MIL, my Hubby and my son that makes my ‘suffering’ all worth it.

Baby here 6 months old with the best hubby in the world, really. Sorry I always complain and mang chang.



Staycation & Chambers Bar and Grill Hilton

Sneaking in a food post which is way past due.

This is about our date at Chambers Bar and Grill at Hilton KL.

In December 2015, we decided to book a room for a night at Hilton KL for our staycation. I had accumulated some points in my HHonors card due to my extended stay at Hilton whilst in Netherlands, and thought it would be great to use up some points. After an bitter, eventful check in (room not ready even at 4 pm(!), and Daniel crying at the reception), we finally got an upgrade to our deluxe room. I also made a booking earlier on to dine at its infamous Chambers Bar and Grill.

2.5 months old baby Daniel didn’t want his pre-requested babycot. Only wants fluffy pillows and white sheets.

Though not as famous and therefore (probably) less expensive than Prime at Le Meridien right next door, we decided to go for the steakhouse at Hilton because I wanted to use my HHonors for further discount. Smart consumerism ok.

The steak did make a statement. 300 g Porterhouse T-bone steak from NZ sounded small, but when the waiter brought it in, I was like”WAHH ZAHH, huge gilerrr!!” I had it medium-well because my erythrocytes-phobic hubby will not have a share of my gigantic steak if he sees blood. See see, when I cut open the steak, still quite pink inside. Opps. He and I know it’s silly to eat premium steak above the medium-rare temperature, but oh well.

We knew one beef steak was enough, so hubby ordered fish: black cod steak. Our mains came with fragrant baked garlic and that garlic did make a lot of difference. Who knew baked garlic goes well with both been and fish steaks!

FYI, the mains does not come with sides, so we ordered sides. I had the grilled asparagus while hubby ordered the usual suspects – simple grilled vegetables – turned out to be surprisingly yummy. I also ordered the sauce to come with the mains – trio of mustards. Well, not all mustard suited well with my tastes nor goes well with steak, although technically mustard would be ‘smartest’ sauce to choose from the various sauces. In a very Malaysian way, I secretly wished I had Kimball chili sauce with my steak. ūüėõ Honorable mention are the array Himalayan salts provided at each table, but did wonder in which part of my dish would I sprinkle salts on, as the steak was perfect enough.

Try eating steak with a sticky baby on one hand and a knife on the other

Pefectly grilled cod for hubs. Melts

Back to the T-bone steak: it was absolutely yummy. ¬†Maybe I was hungry, but I managed to gobble the steak up within an hour and hubby just had a bite or two of my steak (because he sees pink). Had a bite of his black cod and it was so juicy. I thought a steak house serves perfect T-bones, but didn’t know they could make a fish meat melt in my mouth. Wah,…I secretly wished I had that fish instead (of beef) when I had that bite.

Mind you, I am never a foodie, so you know that I have limited vocabulary when describing good food. What I can write is that service was brisk, the ambiance was great albeit rather dark but romantic (and definitely not Instagram-friendly), food and sides were made skillfully, and I didn’t feel a pinch when I foot the bill (=worth the money). The staff also found us a table where I can dock my gigantic stroller. With such classy service and restaurant, you wouldn’t think eating here would be a challenge, but with a baby in one hand and a knife in another, the dining experience was still amazing.

My son would not have remembered that day at 2.5 months old. I shall bring him back here but only when I see my son is old enough to tell me he would share a medium-rare steak with his mummy (and not papa).

Week-3 Log

This is Daniel.

You can call me Yang Yang.

Baby Daniel at 2.5 weeks

He is going to be 3 weeks old on Saturday.

He has both mummy and daddy features:

1. Born botak like mummy

2. Curly hair like daddy

3. Eyes like daddy

4. Obvious double eye lid and lashes – unlike mummy or daddy

5. Nose like daddy

6. Sexy lips like mummy

7. Sweet smiles and cute like mummy

8. Very boyish, cho-lou (rough!) and playful like daddy

9. Blood type A+ like daddy

10. Screamer and bad temperament like mummy

11. Ears like mummy

12. Fingers and feet – long and huge like mummy

His mummy is in confinement and haggard-looking at home – with broken sutures and blood clot on C-sect wound a week before. Mummy tries to limit movement and not carry Daniel too much (how sad!), but still can blog ūüėõ

Daniel’s growth milestone has been tremendous eventhough less than 3 weeks old:

1. Each feeding is 3++ ounces already

2. Suckling on mummy’s breast until sore. Latches like a velociraptor.

3. Play with himself after feeding i.e. talking! “Ang-gu-gu”

4. Super screamer when hungry

5. Does not get annoyed by loud noises (sleeps through loud TV, radio, crowds, people talking, etc.)

6. Developed double chin

7. Kicker and boxer without mittens. Daniel hates mittens

8. Loves bathing and swimming in bathtub (which baby doesn’t?)

9. Has strong and long neck, unlike mummy and papa.

He makes mummy and papa smile everyday. And because Baby Daniel loves to smile too.

Daniel makes me wake up twice at night time to pump and latch, but all the lost sleep are worth it. Mummy lost 13 kg in 2 weeks. Left 5 kg to pre-pregnancy weight.

Mummy feels kinda sad because not much BM produced but tries her best to eat supplement to increase BM – dishes such as Ikan Yu (=shark meat), hot Holicks, papaya soup, etc.

Mummy feels the pain when admitted to hospital for C-sect bleeding at suture. Mummy cried more than during contraction/labour pain – cause can’t get to see baby and to BF him.

Daniel is very kind to mummy and papa – give shit and pee to us to process everyday. But somehow seeing this yellow poo2 and pee2 makes mummy and papa very happy because this means Daniel is growing well.

Papa will come see baby Daniel every weekend. We both miss papa very much!

At 2.5 weeks


Finally did get to see how my little notti Baby looks like.

We opt for a 3D/4D ultrasound at 24++ weeks upon my return from Holland. I have not seen my baby since April 2015 as that was my last ultrasound visit at PCMC. I had a GP doctor’s having my tummy checked in¬†May before leaving for Holland, but Dr. Gill of¬†Klinik Gill, Ipoh did not print out an ultrasound for me! Walamak, his machine damn kuno wei – cannot print wan. Despite having no print out of my baby (sorry, but I am spoilt by PCMC’s technology),¬†Dr Gill said my baby was growing normally (paid him RM40.00 cash for just saying that), and said I have nothing to worry about going to Holland on the 2nd trimester, whilst The Netherlands has probably much better medical/health system.

Many didn’t know I cut my Holland trip short because I was damn worried about baby. As a going-to-be first-time-mom , I was really wondering what the hell is going on with baby and myself – with the kicking. flutters, constipation, and itch/pain going around me, so I needed ‘confirmation’ from my O&G. No way I can’t afford Netherlands health service as my insurance does not cover me if it isn’t¬†emergency.

So, here is baby. Obviously I don’t have a name for my baby boy (yet). It’s now simply called Baby”. ¬†Baby was facing sideways and probably sleeping so this was the best image and angle we could get.

Looks like hubby, some already say
Looks like hubby from this 4D angle. ūüôā¬†

3D/4D ultrasound so damn canggih wei. I am suaku when I saw the scans on the screen. Can detect blood flow of heart and kidneys (hence, 4D scan) some more.

4D Ultrasound shows chambers of heart and blood flow.

We forked out our own $$$ for this ultrasound since we saved on other genetic tests such as Down syndrome test, aminiotic tests(?), etc. We didn’t opt for¬†genetic testings as we trust that we will love Baby no matter what. Counted all the digits on Baby’s hands and toes (5 each), and see if got big dick or not, the heart don’t have anomalies, kidney good, etc. Ok. Settle. All normal.

Baby all normal, but is making mummy fat. Although it’s¬†the happy kinda fat, I’ve never been sooo fat before (you will be shock to see me so fat). And like my collar bone is no more there. Yikes! I am now at 26th week, heading towards the 3rd trimester. And hmmphhh….the nausea seemed to have returned a bit some how.

Til then, Ivy, Hubby & Baby out!


Many people were asking why would I want to study (again?!) when I’ve a doctorate that comes with the “head-damage” title. Isn’t it enough of studying? If you didn’t know, I have taken a series of high-level chemistry course & examination that allows me to be a Licensed Chemist. The question that has been thrown to me a thousand times: “Why do I need to study for a Chemistry License after all the 10++ years of accumulated studies in my entire 20s?”

I graduated from a first degree called Bachelor’s Degree Bioindustry with a major in Entomology. What that actually means is that I am a agriculture science graduate which does everything else, biology of plants, insect sciences, and how to kill insect pests. In a nutshell: I learnt the best ways to kill pests such as my little brother and caterpillars munching on your sawi. ūüėõ

After my first degree, I received a scholarship from Kuok Foundation to do my Ph.D. to continue to find fancy methods of killing insect pests. Yes, best gilerrr to kill insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, caterpillars, locusts, etc. But upon graduation of my doctorate degree, I was hired into a non-related industry – the Oil & Gas industry. Let me tell you, this studying is something personal that I want to do, without any coercing by my boss or company. It’s entirely personal. Actually, my brains is already wired to do chemistry (I do a lot of chemistry work in my Ph.D. dissertation & in my current job), but it’s more like ….if I don’t get a Chemistry License, I can’t sign off any chemistry reports at my workplace. Why? Simply because I am not from a chemistry background. Damn. That does frustrates me that¬†even a Ph.D. is insufficient for the O&G industry! Btw, there’s a governing Act for Chemistry that requires that only one from a Chemistry degree could be a Licensed Chemist.

So what I did was to take up a whole entire comprehensive course on chemistry – high level Analytical, Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, and sat for their examination to obtain the so-called “chemistry background”. It was very refreshing yet intimidating to study chemistry from zero¬†(e.g. memorize the periodic table, again?!). You know, this is harder than STPM. Imagine fitting the entire STPM chemistry (and even harder) in 5 months, to then take the exam on month-6th. Total: 6 months to get a Chemistry degree.

#Wefie during the practical exam that took us 8 hours(!!) to complete 3 experiments, with the complete lab report.
And the next day, I went to run a full marathon 42km.
President of Institute Kimia Malaysia (IKM) handing me my Chemistry completion certificate.

I am old. Don’t appease me by saying I am not. I have so much workload in my company. My hair is turning white literally. To juggle between studies and work is pretty difficult and therefore, am amazed by how some of my colleagues could find time between studies, work and family (kids!). And my handwriting too, or should I say: my penmanship has deteriorated, probably ¬†due to the reliance of¬†keyboards to write reports.

I am old because I realised that I could not memorized reactions and mechanisms anymore. Being in the 30s compared to my Ph.D. years (in the 20s) is completely different (180 degrees). My brains couldn’t store any information as easily as before. The only strategy was to study last-minute, where I packed all knowledge a week before and spill (read: vomit!) them all out on exam day. Well, to say the least, that strategy worked rather well for some papers.

I¬†am now awaiting the results of this exam results, to which I have both my toes and finger’s crossed. My worry basically lies on Organic Chemistry where memory is required the most.

Article on us by Dr. Sharon. My coursemates at the end of our 4 month chemistry course.

I do enjoy Chemistry because I can relate to my current jobscope. But the truth is, I still enjoy biology more than chemistry, although practically you can’t independently separate ’em both. Again, some people¬†JUST LOVE STUDYING. Nothing is more satisfying than solving a problem related to chemistry or biology both at work and in life (think: cooking!)

I thank God because He allows me gave me the thirst for knowledge (albeit all the time!), the ability to study well and handle stress alike. I thank God for his grace for getting me through this stressful/sleepless period with ample support for my husband (he is a fan of mine), and family members. I study because I am personally happy for myself for having the extra edge against others apart from my accumulating experiences at work. With all these in mind, I hope to climb up the career ladder and slowly accumulate more wealth for my family and to….errrr…errrr… buy myself a bungalow or a Mini Cooper or anything for that matter – without thinking twice!¬†That’s the whole point kan? Far-fetched objective for a cute little lady, many thinks?

For years, I have gained or am accumulating knowledge in:

1. Insect science (Entomology)

2. Agriculture

3. Microbiology

4. Pesticide science/formulation science

5. Analytical Chemistry

6. Environmental sciences

7. Oil and gas, EOR

Next knowledge to acquire based on my passion:

1. Management (MBA). Planning yah…

2. Psychology

3. History

4. etc.

For now, let’s just find some time to finish a bunch of novels and fiction….bought from past two Big-Bad-Wolf ago. LOL!

What is your Louis Vuitton?

When it comes to luxury, I am the last to rave about it.¬†I fairly know about luxury brands and goods but to get them for myself is like me breaking a concrete barrier between me and my purse. I am not boasting; my salary allows me much luxury, but there’s always this thought that poisons(really?) me to thinking that so much more important/worthy stuffs can be acquired with that amount $$$$$. The angel and devil argument appears on my shoulders each time I had the urge to get branded goods. People say: it’s upbringing to think like that vs. peer pressure.

I have a fair share of luxury items, but having said that, the word ‘luxury’ has to be defined. In my dictionary: nothing lower than a Coach for bags (No, Guess? is not luxury), and for clothings nothing below MNG or Zara, and for shoes, nothing below Nine West. That’s my dictionary. Yours may differ. Like how I love Nescafe 3-in-1 more than some artisan brew: it’s personal.


Sigh, why don’t people understand that Nescafe is my choice of coffee?! I am not talking about health here, I am talking about taste and caffeine (it’s yummy!). That makes me a REAL coffee addict that drinks anything, coffee.


Starbuck’s coffee is great too (albeit the stupid plastic-layered paper cup), but it can never give me the same satisfaction as a Nescafe beans (not the 3-in-1).



And then you have to define luxury vs. quality. Though many would swear that luxury goods are of highest quality, it is not always true. Well, 90% true, however there are shoes that are expensive but never has given me comfort. I had this Aldo heels¬†but bruised my pinky toe within 10 minutes of walking. Some bags are expensive to the point of ¬†I-could-just-put-a-deposit-for-a-house, but is flimsy and un-structured (but if flimsy bag is what you want, I have no comment then). Some luxury are pre-loved prestine condition, yet left so much to desire. My first expensive (my standard during those younger days where money comes harder), was a pink Coach¬†faux leather¬†tote I bought from Coach, Pavillion. Mind you the tote was discounted but I love it so much. It was classy, structured and I had it ’til today with amazing condition¬†(albeit the fading colour). this is what I identify as Quality.


The instantly sold-out (worldwide!) Jimmy Choo’s featured in “My Lover from the Stars’.


See, I can get-about-the-same luxurious pair from Zang Toi. I wore this pair for my ROM.

And then you have to define taste vs. trend. Think about my size: I am exactly 5 feet, medium built and muscular on the legs, ass. It’s genetics (and running). So if the trend gives you a Victoria Secret model sizing, you are definitely not-on-trend. It’s not your fault though. For not being able to keep up with the trends (btw, bell-bottom trousers are back!), do compensate¬†with some amount of some taste. Taste means simplicity and fit,¬†which not necessarily from Dior or Versace. Looking through fashion mags may exhaust your taste and blurred the line between trend vs. taste, but never, never ever listen to nasty Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. Do request feedbacks from close friends with similar salary(<–true) and similar world-view (<–super true).

Worth of an item lies on the upbringing, world-view and monetary ability of the individual. I have an uncle who always say and believe this phrase like a religion: “Good things not cheap; Cheap things not good”.¬†Though that is 90% true, the 10% still stands and in statistics, and 10% is still a number. Do you know¬†many items are RIP-OFFS, meaning, you over-pay for what it is actually worth/valued. See, even Kanye West agrees with me =¬†HERE¬†(must read).

I have not gone to the extent of Jimmy Choo’s or a Hermes Birkin that puts you at the league of our PM’s wife. Maybe one day I will or have the will to: to use my disposable income for something as¬†luxurious like a cute Mini Cooper.

My colleague claimed: When you own a branded good, it is as such that you can never turn back. I have a Balenciaga which means I can’t hold a Coach bag anymore? What¬†loads of cr*p. For me, there can be no end to luxury, and you will keep buying because trends (they are called ‘trends’ for a reason) does not end. Remember, there’s always someone better than you out there. And you will keep buying until…well, you have that internal empowered self-confidence to say that a LV bag or a Jimmy Choo is not your confidence-giver. You can¬†still stand head held high¬†with a cr*p bag. That’s is true¬†luxury.¬†

The most expensive brand I’ve ever bought to this day is a double Ferragamo items. Does my Samsung Galaxy count?

No Symmetry

So my hubby cuts me mangoes. See photo already can see he so meticulous and symmetrical. Gosh, I can do the same actually but in lesser symmetry and proudly – uglier.

He cuts me fruits cantek-cantek all the time. Mango, starfruits, jambu, grapes.


My hubby cooks me spaghetti bolognese with grilled chicken as sides after work. I could do the same, but in higher grease and salt content.


He climbs the roof to fix it DIY while his emo wife screams and screams for him to come down and ask some other pro to do it. After that, he cleans the toilets of my entire house, and still have time to make me tea and buys me seedless grapes to eat.


He buys me a Swiss watch because he cannot tahan his corporate wife wearing an Adidas digital watch to work.

He bought me a Swiss, but not Federer.


He scolds the gangster neighbour¬†for me¬†at the front gate of my neighbour because his wife got mad of the neighbour’s parking antics. I horn horn horn and my hubby, full of guts, scolded da gangster. Now hubby more gangster than I have ever knew. I strictly believe he would go prison because of me.

He does the gangsta behaviour in public occasionally.


He explains to me historical facts of China before I went Beijing, and tells me in details about the Nascar Lines and how it is connected to the Egyptian¬†pyramids. He explains the SAS (that army thingy) to me, while I mind flies off blankly¬†and¬†eyes fixed¬†on this¬†month’s Harper’s Bazaar.

He plays Napolean Blownapart here.


He translates Chinese movies to English (real time) and re-explains the story line/scene because that movie don’t have English/Malay subtitles. He’s expert in chow sing chi movie.


He runs with me every weekend slower than his usual pace like slow¬†snail¬†like dat…because of scared his wife kena kidnap. Mosquitoes also faster.


Things he does for me. Makes me a spoilt princess.


I am never a drop-dead romantic person. I told (more like warned) my hubby since day one we met that I would¬†never(?)¬†do lovey-dovey things with him. PDA is fine, flowers and fine jewelry are fine (of course they are fine! haha), but I¬†told¬†him: NO wearing same shirts around, NO matchy-matchy colours, utter respect for my big laughs, NO sharing of DNA in any form unless his well-done steak looks better than my medium-rare chicken, NO ending a race together holding hands, Don’t expect this girl to bake a cake or cookie for you, You eat all my homecooked food without complains, etc.¬†So this is how it was, how it is today. Pity him. Hahaha.


Then things start to wean as time goes by and I realised he is not that romantic actually. Ok, let me rephrase: I realised that he is romantic in a way women is not likely to identify with. As time goes by he is giving me less flowers and cards and jewelry, but he is getting more affectionate and responsible of me and my life. He cares. He makes time for me every single day. He make me laugh everyday. He laughs at my jokes even not funny just to please me, I know. So stupid.

My hubby is a latte art destroyer and this particular act always breaks my heart….
….but I close one eye.


Why am I documenting all these hubby antics? I really don’t know. Maybe anniversaries does make me go emo. One day probably I’ll look back (knowing that relationship ages with time and if I get Alzheimer), I can smile back and remember, yes, remember this good old days and read them like bedtime stories to my cucu-cicit.

One year ago, yesterday. Bliss.


(Disclaimer: Again, I am no relationship expert)

Most important we don’t change each other and accept each other. What he doesn’t like, he close one eye; what I don’t like, I don’t go changing him. I close my eye too. We don’t go tolerating each other but¬†accepting¬†each other’s traits. Things can change, we change it by our own merits¬†without force;¬†if we start to go into changing things that we CAN’T change, that will be the horrific term called:¬†controlling. And nothing more confusing than giving you¬†1¬†more good advice: Discuss with each other before doing/deciding anything huge. I am an independent girl and he is an independent man, but we are hubby-wifey, needs 100% discussion. No golden ratio in relationships. Weird,¬†we do fight but lesser and lesser and lesser (amen!) this past year, but when¬†argument¬†happens, I will start crying, then he cannot tahan wan…sure he gives in (secret strategy). That’s our fighting rhythm. Hahahaha. I know he knows.


He’s not only my Napolean, but my Legolas. Only shorter.


Happy Anniversary Hubster!¬†Aren’t you¬†lucky to have found me 4 years back?!