The Laughing Disease

I’ve known Russell Peters from my younger brother 4 years back when he showed me through YouTube several gigs Russell put on. His quote “Be a Man, do the right thing”, “Somebody’s gonna hurt real bad”, etc..and his unrelentless gigs on race, religion, and sex. Mind you, topics like sex, religion, and politics can never escape from LOLs. Naturally (and unsuprisingly), these topics provides us the best LOLs!!

Just to let you know, I have been a big fan of stand-up comedy for a very long time. It started with my first ever meeting with drag queen Kumar when he/she performed at a bash in the outdoor Auditorium at NUS. That was way back in Year 2002! I remembered good friends Jonie and Kingy were all laughing our brains out of Kumar’s “disturbing” jokes and some topics we can relate to – Malaysian political scene, Malaysia vs. Singapore jokes, etc. At that time, I thought if there were people such as Kumar in my country, he/she will be thrown into Kamunting jail. Suprisingly (at that time), Malaysia has had its own comedy scene, but was unpublicised and only has a hands-full of regular fans.  Anyway, Malaysia’s comedy scene has progressed much since. Malaysians has learnt fast in accepting and LOL at vulgarities, sexual-related jokes and jokes on own political jokers i.e. ministers, government culture, because in comedy – you can never escape from these topics. The more ‘controversial’ the joke, the funnier it is! Many Malaysians are very mature and not sensitive with these racial jokes; it is our fear of the ISA that repels us from confronting the realities and our cultural differences. All the races has embraced our differences – be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. and laughing at each other’s cultural/racial differences (err…I’ve seen many bumis in Zouk laughing their brains out on Comedy Thursday). It has never happened before, but I supposed some fanatics, fundamentalist may be unhappy – I dare not comment further.

I have attended quite many stand up comedy night just for fun! In fact, I have lost count: Comedy Night Thursday (at Velvet, Zouk) allows for new upcoming and first-timers an avenue perform, mixed with seasoned comedians such as the MACC trios. Here is one of the crazy ones from year 2010 which I blogged about:

I twice paid for Kings and Queens of Comedy (2010 and 2011), which in 2010, the presenter was my first love, Kumar!

I got myself the most expensive tickets to Russell Peters – for two – and the show was expectedly LMAO ROFTL. We came back with a medical condition known as “cheekbone-pain” which is one of those disease you’d love to have. I thought maybe my cheekbones has gone up ‘higher’ after LMAO at Russell Peter’s, no?

No photos were allowed, not even chamwhoring is allowed. Damn strict. But we escaped with some:

Manyak mahai!

Jeez, why do I look like Mrs. Hulk here?
Kena marah by sercurity after chamwhoring. Chamwhore pun tak boleh?!?!

I had a hard time getting the tickets online. Initially, it was a one-night show, then it became two-nights. All because complaints were made because the media or Datuk-Datuk, orVIP VIP bought 500 seats(I guess) even before the online tickets were opened for sale (9.00am). ‘Outsiders’ like me when we get into the website at 9.00am sharp, already more than 70% of the seats were taken already (impossible!!). Appalled by such stunt, I guess the organizers extended it to two days for unhappy ‘outsiders’ like us who are unable to obtain tix directly online/walk-ins. Anyways, with some credit card transaction problems and what not, I managed to obtain my tics. But already, I wasn’t happy with the whole hassle of getting it.

Nevertheless, the show was awesome and realised my ‘disease’ was contagiously dangerous (read: Fong). The disease which I did not seek treatment since 2002 (in NUS).


>Comedy Night Thursday – 7 Jan 2010


I had the time of my life at Time Out KL’s Comedy Thursday at Zouk’s Velvet Underground in December.

This Thursday 7th Jan 2010….I am be going to have a good laugh and ‘steal’ some good jokes for my own keepsakes 🙂

Pls join me! Honest, this ppl are really gooood and extremely funny….!


>YES = Youth Engagement Summit (where politician and ex-master chess player Gary Kasparov spoke too). However, I was more interested in another kind of YES:

YES! YES! YES! = Year End Sale!

Where could be a better place to have your YES than in Suria KLCC. Everything is in KLCC except that when I wanted something from Forever 21, I had to walk across to Pavillion.
And….I got myself a pair of Adizero! I almost bought Nike’s LunarGlide but I have always eyed that pair of Adidas.

And hey, come on, even my housemate has a pair!
Hers is red, mine in blue. I wanted the red so badly but that colour sudah sold out!
Then, I went to minum the best kau-kau coffee – in the foodcourt at the 4th floor. Not many ppl know of this good coffee at KLCC unless u work nearby, of course. Callie intro-ed me to this stall actually.
Then, I dunno whether this is part of the YES, but I had the inkling feeling of watching MPO’s play, so I bought tics and also to next week’s Sunday Matinee where they will feature Schubert, Mozart and forgot what’s that Swedish composer di…. Anyway, the theme will be about ‘Musical Mysteries’ where they will explained why some symphonies were labeled ‘Unfinished’). I always wonder that too….and “will the piece just stall halfway?”

I also bought MPO tics on 23rd Dec, where they will play all the Xmas songs and the infamous Nutcracker Suit by that gay composer Tchaikovsky! Petronas staff get discounts. That’s why I take this opportunity to go. Let me tell you, a shot of classical/romantic music after YES is the most pampering thing u can ever do for yourself. I believe a shot of coffee should do the same, shouldn’t it? 🙂
My next buy (my heart lept a little here!) would be a Vios. Even Toyota had sales (discount)!Ohhh….YES!!! :

Finished reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. Errr…not nice. That’s why I struggled to finish it only after 1 month plus. The storyline was not that all interesting with too much ancient secrets/knowledge for me to stomach. It’s a forgettable book. Anyway, one statement caught my eye and I remember only this sentence from the entire book: 21.12.2012 will be the end of the world as we (already) know it.

>"A rollercoaster ride"

>After a bowl’s full of kimchi soup and kimchi per se, the gang and I dragged our overload stomachs and asses to watch Phobia 2. We had to fiercely coax Bun to the cinema cause we totally thought that his excuse of having exams soon (on Dec 5th…wtf) was utterly irresponsible (to his fiancee) and unacceptable (to us BFF). Cause that’s like 3 weeks away! Oh well, he gingerly followed. And he had to call his beloved housemate. Errrr…!

Phobia looked real scary on the preview, and guess what… it was scary. Phobia 2 consists of 5 short stories of ghosts and what not (e.g. zombies and monsters) and even before the first story began, FP nudged me to leave the cinema. Then she quickly reminded herself that it’s like a rollercoaster thing and yet…. not quite: Once you put your ass on the seat, you’d better see the whole movie. Braised up! The horror’s just started!

Actually, not that the movie was so very the scary …..but it was because we were sitted quite front, and the sound system …mind you… was (purportedly) put on 100 decibel higher than a the sound level of normal movie, say….Transformers!! In addition to some really eat-my-heart-out and jump-out-of-your-sit scenes, I also quickly realised that there was no one sitted on my left (which made me go scared and cold at a point) and no one sitted at the row in front of us. So, it was as if the cinema was empty. Creepy! Anyway, most ppl were at 2012. Throughout the entire movie, we were at the edge of our sits. I closed my ears, as usual, while the rest closed their eyes. Hey, I still insist that closing the ears help more than closing your eyes. Isn’t it the sound effect that made your heart leap out from your ribcage?!?!?!?!

I pity FP – I leaned myself on her several times. Thank God for hand-rest as dividers, cause if not, we would some how exchange seats at the end of the movie. My head curled-in in fetal position and ears closed most of the time. I was cold too…and kept thinking when will the whole movie end!!???

No spoilers:
Yet I could sleep soundly at night. All due to the final story. Why? Cause the last movie was lighter and easy going, though with some jumps that made me scream like a girl….(ok, i am a girl). I was in love with the final movie due to the storyline. Made me smile, even now.

Here’s a photo of the main 4 actors for the final story.

Hey, actually, all the main actor in EVERY story was quite cute.

>MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia


Clockwise from top left: Pink, William Quah, Me with the crowd building up below us.
20,000 rockers.
Okay, it’s a 1.3 MP phonecamera. So, we did look kinda flat 2-D.
Apart from Fipink being called “Aunty” by a bunch of kids sitting next to us in VIP (Gold) area, MTV World Stage was a BOMB! What a blast!! So wanna go to rock concerts again! Hoobastank was my ultimate favourite, though many would agree that All American Rejects (AAR) was THE act of the night.
Shucks! THE kids who called us aunty
Those with Gold tics like us were usually famous ppl/invited guest. Xandria Ooi and hubby was sitting right behind us; Niki Cheong too; a couple of Cleo Bachelors spotted; Kenny Sia dropped by though he left quickly for the mosh pit (ref: Niki Cheong). In the early hours, NTV7’s William Quah was spotted behind us with his thick English accent; we spotted Joey G and last but not least, our bestie: Raj who jumped from Platinum to Gold to Mosh Pit to everywhere. And there was a couple of famous celebrity but we don’t give a damn anymore. What matters is what’s on the stage.
I think Hoobastank playing the theme from ‘Ghostbusters’ as an attention-builder towards the song The Reason was crazy crazy crazy! It came as a surprise. After Ghostbusters, the lead, Doug Robb labelled the crowd “ridiculous”!
Kasabian was the final band on the list, but we left after AAR’s “Gives Me Hell”. So did most of the crowd. I pity Kasabian with the dwindling crowd, but business’ as usual. The volcano at Sunway Lagoon ‘erupted’ at the end of all of it but we both missed that (Reference: Niki Cheong) cause we were both left right after rocking with AAR. And also, who the hell are the Kasabians?!?! Sorry for my ignorance for the music industry of late….but I know the Kardashians though.

MTV doesn’t fail. Good organizing. Good weather (I know Pink would also agree that it was so-not-cool to bring an umbrella). And best of all, there was no traffic jam cause we kiasu-cum-oldies left early for home, while the whole of Sunway was still partying at clubs nearby.
Pink and her Pope (or Nazi?) salute to AAR.

Pink has a better camera phone. So, wait up for new pics.

Check out MTV WorldStage Live in Malaysia on MTV 28 August 2009 (on Astro, of course).