Year of Reckoning

The world as you know it will end in 21 Dec 2012. This movie depicted the so-ever-frightening events that ensue before the world ends (sh*t, I am going to drown in some tsunami). Well, well, if you did not know yet, 2012-12-21 doomsday is actually a projection of some Mayan people and their calendar. Okay, […]

>December 2010


Wow, what a month. Filled with activities and many joyous occasions. Never a month so happening. Of course, most of the time, esp. when you’re in Malaysia, it involves this thing call food.

First of all, congratulations to my bestie Pink for getting married. Indeed it was a fairy tale wedding. Pls pray for me it will someday be my turn……as wonderful as yours (I’m optimistic, but it could be a long wait..hahaha). I am already missing you as my cool housemate and clubbing kaki

OPS’s wedding was the week before. Was a simple but joyous occasion nonetheless. The so ever tall friend of mine got a wife as tall has he 😉 (She is tall!). I have to mention this: the jazz band that they hired that night was damn good. Best I’ve ever experienced in a wedding dinner. Though consist of only a keyboardist and a female soloist, they were absolutely brilliant. All the latest songs (think: Bruno Mars) and the male keyboardist had this really mellow voice. Was glad that I made a few new friends from HK that was at the table. I’ve never spoke soo much Cantonese in one night! One of them will be joining the Stand Chart Hong Kong Marathon this February as well.

SIF-Alumni: Lum, Me, Ee Yee at OPS’s wedding dinner

Oh yah, my car arrived early Dec. Sold my junk away for a very very safe buy – a Vios. And just 2 days after I got my car, someone purportedly farted (times 5) in it. I am pissed ’til today(!) and therefore want this ‘disastrous incident’ to be mentioned in this post and written in my history books … for forever. LOL

The Malakoff 12km run at Mont. Kiara/Damansara Heights was quite relaxing. My gang arrived to a huge crowd of runners; probably 12 km is very much achievable for many. Plus, the weather was just right for the run. Finally met Farah (yay!) at the starting line after our countless unsuccessful meet-ups at previous races. 
This is how we ‘carbo-load’. No, it’s more like ‘protein-load’. HUGE, BEST-GRADE MACADEMIA NUTS from SYDNEY 

Aunt’s kindergarden always become the party spot.
Baby Jasmine: German mix Indian-Chinese

My Christmas was celebrated on Sunday. Went to regular church service with dad and then went up to Klang to pick up my mum from my aunt’s place. Somewhat an annual event, we celebrated Boxing Day at Aunt Nancy’s and Chris kindergarten. I always always attend their dinner parties cause it never fails to impress me – the food is extensive and delicious, the party-goers are in a class of their own, the drinks are ample from Holland beer to a 21-year-Chivas to ice kacang. And my cousin just got a new little 6 week-old baby call Jasmine. Adorable to the max & fearless of parties and noise!    

My beer from Holland. Smoooooth….
Their free-flow of any type of booze or ice kacang or cendol u desire.

Of course, Malaysia won the Suzuki Cup. Never heard of this Cup, til….last week. Whatever it is, I had a bunch of replacement holidays to be wasted off due to this win. I’m in Ipoh and it’s still December 2010. I’m still expecting a bunch of yum chas, food and booze before the year ends.

Other worth mentioning and I-had-so-much-fun events in Dec:
Callie’s German Xmas party. “Frohe Weihnachten”!! 
Colleagues at ‘Penang Village’ celebrating our boss’ Birthday
Beloved Uncle Max at L’s Xmas dinner party

I’m absolutely optimistic about 2011. Dream more, may your dreams come true.  

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one” 
John Lennon, taken from “Meet the Schmucks”


>Christmas 2010 at Pavillion.

>Ohhhh my parents are here (again!). Not that I’m complaining apart from being the driver and tour guide for them for the whole of KL/PJ. Like cabby. Ah-mad, but without the gaji. 

I always have a good time with my parents! My mum is really fun to hang out with and entertainingly funny (not the slapstick kind). She always, always make my day. She disturbs me and poke silly jokes at me, and I always ask her to repeat her jokes to me. It’s stupid, I know.

This time, it’s Pavillion’s Christmas decoration that they wanna check out. Honestly it’s the best Christmas decor in town. We set at the centre court to the sounds of carols and a cup of cappucinno, just allow time to pass us by, wasting away. That’s the “Merry” part of Christmas.

Here are some of the photos:

Like father, Like daughter, we cannot live without our daily dose of caffeine.

>12 things I want for Xmas


In response to KYspeak’s post on his 12-wants on Christmas, and since I am in a Christmas mood, here’s mine:

1. A new pair of goggles. 
My old pair that cost me HK$50 is missing. As a swimming teacher, it’s a very essentialbarang.


2. A smartphone WITH dataplan.
I currently own a very old BB without a data plan whatsoever. I just use it to phone and text. When BB was first released in US my brother bought one. He gave it to me after he betrayed BB for an android phone, but it brought me no justice either – I had to ‘break’/unlock the phone at Low Yat for RM50. You can tell fr far its a very very old BB Curve.

3. For once, one full pint of Guinness with my Guinness-addict girl friends!

I don’t fancy Guinness. Honest. I drank a whole pint before, but nope, never liked it. No wonder my drink only-Guinness-only friends are already dissing me 😛 Can’t I stick to my Heneiken?!
4. A coffee brewing machine.
The presser I bought was nonsensical. Because it does nothing for me. Something is very wrong. Maybe the water is not hot enough. The presser is now on the kitchen shelf collecting dust.
5. Starbucks diary/organizer 2011
My company this year provided each staff with the most ‘creative’ piece of organizer-cum-diary 2011. It’s rubbish. Plain rubbish. It’s more like a notebook than an organizer. Where’s the calendar??!?! I saw this year’s Starbucks’ diary and was awed with the design. See how sassy it looks!
FP reminded me that there’s a drivethru Starbucks near her new home. Must go!
7. Aunty Gemuk FAM Char Kuay Teow
My no. 2 favourite Malaysian dish is CKT (after Nasi Lemak). Yes, I have weird cravings near festive season. So, another must go!
8. Victoria’s Station’s Christmas Dinner set
I’ve never given myself a chance to savour a real Christmas dinner, oh yah except for the year 2002, when I was in England. There, I experienced an authentic (I dunno how authentic it can be) English-style Xmas dinner. Since then, it’s your regular roti canai in the morning and laksa on a Christmas night!
9. The whole Nutcraker Suite by Tchaikovsky.

Last year, I attended the christmas orchestra by MPYO at KLCC. It was soo enjoyable and I got myself the balcony seat. The main composition being played that night was the Nutcracker Suite and I fell in love with the whole composition. I hope to get the original CD by Christmas.

10. What I don’t want for Christmas!
Year-end-WORKLOAD! It’s neverending….

11. More increment!
If not, how to buy the coffee-brewing machine!?

Christmas tree at my pad.

12. ….but actually, all I want for Christmas is YOU!
…but dunno quite know WHO that is yet. All I know is that I want to share this year’s Christmas with some(any)one special. I’ll find one 🙂

Blessed Christmas Everyone!

>And it’s not even Christmas!

>You see, there are many surprises in life. My surprises came in a form of food and gifts.

So, a few surprises by friends. This one’s from an newly known friend. It’s a mudpie from TGIF. Maybe I’ve never eaten a mudpie before, but wow, does mudpie really look like this (see below)? This take-away mudpie really ‘aroused’ my palate and senses. Good ‘first impression’. I think this friend knew I had to be reminded of my poo-poo, eh?

My housemate bought me gifts from Singapore. One was a devil’s undie (no pictures of it, you wish!) and another was a PRINCE FROG-IN-AN-EGG. If you read Bea’s blog, her latest post reminded me of this special gift. Nope, I don’t have to kiss the frog (because obviously I am no Princess :P). I had to fill it with water and the frog will melt (euwww..) and voila!, it turns to prince charming. Now here’s the catch: you need to wait for 3-4 days before it is ‘fully grown’? Errr…

3 days after: What I thought would be Prince William, was a naked prince with distorted mouth and eye-piece. Thank God I didn’t kiss it.My brother was the real santa: Bought me a Burberry Brit EDT. Wow, a genuine Burberry and it’s not even my birthday?!?! I love the masculine smell. Wait, did I say masculine? Man, this is not good.
And a the best gift this month was a bouquet of dark red roses, sent to my lab, to the amusement of my colleagues and and the hoo-haa of the whole faculty. Oh man! I love them! Ya, buy Kian Ming and Tony Pua a drink, ya?! There’s a reason why blogs are life-changing…

>My fungus showing the LOVE


Even my icky, green muscadine fungus is showing me the LOVVVE’:
P/S: Don’t laugh!!! It is a rare instance for a fungus to know it’s Xmas next week)
“Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a blessed year ahead.”
No-bell prize winner: for producing rare green-lovely-fungi on Xmas.