Life Changing 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Last year 2013, I didn’t have time to recap the moments of the entire year. I was so caught up with events in December that I kinda forgot all about blogging.

In short, 2013 was one of the greatest years in my life (well, I said that every end of the year, don’t I?). Hmmpph. But really, 2013 was not only great but was life-changing. I have gotten my long awaited double promotion, and long-awaited chance to be married. Sounds desperate, but I am not desperate. I do work hard for it. Stuffs sometimes just happen and it goes in your favour. God’s will.


1. I was being proposed to by one of the most amazing guy on earth (ok lah, exaggerate a bit here), but I love him; my family and relatives adores him; we share the same passion. etc. And with that, came a diamond ring. If you know me well, naturally I don’t really care how many carats it was, but the 2-weeks secret proposal effort did make me cry, and that was all that matters. Read it all here.

2. Malaysia General Election clogged up almost all conversations in the office, coffeeshops, homes, etc. during first quarter of the year. Read my thoughts and experiences in one of the most dramatic and ‘dirtiest’ GE of all times.

3. My birthday was also my ROM. There was I, signing my name off. Sounds morbid but it was actually my mum and dad’s dream to see me married off, as many would have said: Ivy might never get married cause her character is….(insert masculine adjective(s) here)…. Of course, the myth was debunked.

4. We signed up for a wedding photography package and made Cameron Highlands our outdoor location shoot. Thanks to Jacky from Bridal Collection and some luck with the cooling weather and sunset, we’ve got ourselves some breathtaking photographs. At the same time, we really had lots of fun doing the whole shoot, and it was sooo cooling. No sweat, literally! Read the experiences and my current take of weddings here.

5. Fong has gotten a new double-storey link house for us to begin our lives together, and so we worked hard, day and night to personalized our pad. With much money thrown in, I think we are both happy to get ourselves a place in Klang Valley, where many young people could only dream of – a landed property. A lot of sweat poured in into doing our own painting, fixing of own cabinets, knobs, hinges, with no help of an ID. From there, I found that Fong does make full use of his PE in civil engineering – such a great handyman and has much knowledge in renovation, he could be a salaried Renovator himself. Plus, I remembered going IKEA 5 times in one month.

6. Just like every year …*ZzzzZzZzZ*….I had to prepare for my naik-pangkat assessment. This year, I did it! Promotion! Smiling from cheek-to-cheek when my payslip arrived just the other month.

7. I went to Beijing twice for meetings and another for a business attachment. Me being me, I make sure I explore the city like a tourist, but on the other hand, going to many roads less traveled. I try to absorb in as much as I could about the country, while maintaining my own cultural integrity, also making every trip a time for self-discovery and a learning process. From there, I never had the same thought about China ever again. Funny, but I love China, and my colleagues were jokingly asking me to ‘balik China’ again as I was bragging about my VIP treatments in Beijing, oh well….so much better compared to my treatment as a chinese in my own country.

Photos of my 1.5 months business attachment will soon be posted on my PICASA. Here are some sneak peeks:

8.  My appraisal/performance this year scored me another promotion and consequently, a long-awaited salary upgrade that brings to my face, a larger smile. That makes it a double-promotion this year alone! I worked my ass out this year (harder!) and finally, finally…phew…got noticed.

9. Achieved the best full marathon time ever with at 5hrs 24 mins in the SCKLM. And I could proudly say that I ran this race alone. I gave myself a pat in the back before retiring from races for the rest of this year ’til my wedding in March 2014.

10. I have gotten myself a beautiful sister-in-law (Ipoh girl mahh), as my elder brother tiba-tiba preceded me in getting married. I said “tiba-tiba” because it was Fong and I who announced our marriage first, but their wedding was done earlier than ours. I am so happy for them both and wish them both the best as husband and wife. At the same time, our family moved into our new bungalow in Tambun. My parents were so proud this year alone; it shows in their faces every time I go back to Ipoh.

I pray that this year 2014 would be another memorable one for me. This will be the year of my wedding, and I have great hopes for my career to be a Certified Chemist (just in case you didn’t know, I am a biologist working my ass off as a chemist). This is also the year where our government will be imposing the GST and has had many items increase in prices including electricity, water (ice!), food, toll, etc….in response to the bad results they obtain in GE(?). Some sort of revenge, eh?  Meh, I am not surprised that our federal government is retaliating. Hah! Happy BN (Barang Naik) year of 2014.

God bless and lots of hugs to my loyal readers.


Sports vacay

Hey, dive trip (e.g. Tioman) don’t count as vacay in my dictionary. Dive trips are dive trips, while vacations are defined as trips where your luggage is void of fins and masks. Let’s not talk about BCDs, yah.

Welcoming mascot from the resort

Fong’s company had their company trip in Vietnam last year, and this year the bosses want to do it locally. I have been to Pangkor Island many times and to Pangkor Island Beach Resort, is my second. It was previously known as Pan Pacific Hotel. This hotel is situated at Teluk Dalam and is the only hotel in that area. We’ve got ourseves the sea-view room, which is absolutely gorgeous. I could just wake up everyday to the twinkling sparkles of sunrays over the horizon.

I was warned before by my parents of its apparent infestation of little jelly fishes of Pangkor beaches. Which was true because I saw them with my own eyes (15 years ago?), a school of jelly fishes, transparent and as small as your thumb clouding the seaside area, basking under the rays of the sun. It’s seasonal, I believed.  I was unpertubed by warnings, and jump straight into the waters with my amazing new red bikini. I somehow felt liberated because it has been some time since I swam in the sea without the ‘straight-jackets’ (read: BCD) and I should say, inconvenience of dive masks and fins and stuffs dangling all over. The last time I sensed a similar ‘freedom’ was in Phuket beach.

From our balcony

Of course, people like us would never be satisfied, given the ample time for pure relaxation and given the luxuries of an amazing hotel room, if without some outdoor activities. To us both, and that’s how our relationship remain sustainable, are the similar demands we see in our lives: SPORTS.

First up, canoeing. Hardest sh*t you’ve ever done. Case close.

Second, bicycling. Second hardest sports I’ve done. We’ve gotten ourselves a BMX each (FOC by the company) and ignoring the advice to only cycle within the vincinity of the resort, went beyond the boundaries. Not too long after cycling, I had crotch problems. I supposed that’s normal if you don’t wear specific cycling pants with crotch-padings? Yes, hard sports.


Third, archery: I was really keen to shoot an arrow or two, but once I saw the blue-blacks suffered by our local Legolas-es, I pulled out from the sport immediately. I guess sitting aside, being Arwen and maintaining my classic beauty ain’t too bad. Sometimes, we can’t have it all. Supporting my hubby, he sure did well. Amongst his colleagues, I think he had quite a good chance of killing more trolls than the rest of the heroic men of middle earth (though I wish he were taller, he would look more like Orlando Bloom, rather than the haflings. Opps! :-P)

Fourth, running: Of course, running! Why would we ever miss OUR sport out even if it’s vacation, eh!? I doubt we can never give this sport a miss even in our romantic honeymoon. Since we’ve already had a good overview of the whole island from the resort’s van who took us out for ikan masin shopping and luncheon, we anticipated the hilly routes of the entire island.

We started of from the hotel lobby of course (warming up at the lobby area), straight to Teluk Dalam, and then ran non-all the way to Teluk Nipah and lastly made a pit-stop (fora  much needed teh-ais) at the infamous Pasir Bogak beach. Total 7 km. Felt like 10 km because the slopes and hills are really unforgiving. Double hill is airplane runway compared to the island roads. Then, all the way back to the hotel again for a full 7km. Grand total: 14 km (felt like 20km).

Of course, sporty people like us have some downtime and coffee too: We enjoyed our romantic dinner on the first night; second night was barbeque buffet by the pool while the last night we gathered for 2 beer towers over an entertaining Filipino live band.

Coffee is a must have, anytime, anywhere

By the pool

Monkeys are a nuisance here. Well, having no fear whatsoever of humans, these monkeys enters rooms and stick to the hotel corridors in anticipation of generous guests offering food (please don’t!). One of our friends was attacked as she was entering the hotel room cause…maybe the monkeys smelt ikan masin she brought back from the market…kott? And some birds here are also friendly (read: peacock and peahen). These birds may just perch on your baclcony and leave a poo poo or two as a daily welcome gift.

The queen’s perch

Okay, food wise – fresh and taste good. I am not such a foodie, so my vocabulary for food is very limited,  but I am glad we were given a sumptious seafood luncheon at one of the Chinese restaurants at Pangkor town. As usual, I sat back and relax while my hubby peels all the prawns for me to eat. Can I hear an Amen to that?

Other pictures:

Some temple

Some taxidermied, bloated porcupine fish

Some ikan masin factory visit: original satay ikan, ikan masin basking, etc

Some kota.

First Vacay of 2013 – Tioman Island

Finally, my first vacay of the year 2013. And what’s better – it’s a dive vacay! Weee! My logged my last dive in August 2012, at Phuket – Kho Phi Phi which was to say the least – epic because of the ‘shit’ weather (as termed by my Japanese Divemaster) and we ended up puking more than diving. Read about shit weather diving here.

My colleague, whose dive nickname is Fox, organized this Tioman dive trip for us and we stayed at the most happening area in Tioman, called Salang. It has duty-free shops, several reknown dive centres, and of course, restaurants and pubs. People who enjoy night life prefers Salang to Air Batang or Tekek which are relatively quieter.

For the first time in my life, I flew to a dive destination. First, it was safer and economical. Second, it was less exhausting. Tioman was way too far to drive; I had experienced going on a road trip from KL to Lang Tengah and also Langkawi which I found too taxing and tiring even if I was just a passenger at the backseat. During our trip to Lang Tengah via Kuantan, one of our drivers in the convoy of cars dozed off and skidded, but nothing happened as he self-consciously slammed on the breaks. At one point, the car in front of us slammed on the emergency break because in the middle of the morning, approx. 3 am, there were a herd of cows and buffaloes crossing the village roads.

When I landed on Tekek air strip (which belongs to Berjaya), I was pretty surprised to see how coffee-shopey the airport was. Technology was so minimal, I smiled gingerly when I saw how simplistic the baggage collection procedure was. Just take from the buggy….and go! I am not complaining, of course. I am just tamed by the fact that many times, things just work out perfectly and smoothly if we don’t involve technology. And I thought Kerteh Airport was minimal.

This plane is smaller than the one to Kerteh

Gostan! gostan! Gostan

No frills baggage handling

Jetty to Salang

Made 5 dives in this trip. The dives were so-so as nothing fascinating about the fishes, except for a school of barracudas was spotted very near us as in one of the dive spots. One non-scary shark spotted. The most memorable dive was at Pulau Labas where there were several caverns in between rock-fall formation (my colleague is Ph.D. in Geology, he told us about the terms. ZzzZzZZZz). We had to swim in between those small caves which was quite interesting as this is where your buoyancy skills is put in used. Excellente!

Day 2 – Impending storm

Day 2 : Choppy waters + lightning. From our dive boat.

Rain also dive. Just do it.

Although it’s the hot/dry season in Malaysia, Tioman saw thunderstorms on the second day of our dive. Lightning and thunder can be seen from our dive boats, and it was raining incessantly til nightfall. Visibility was bad in several of our dives which was basically contributed by the full-moon this week. Ohh well….another ‘shit weather‘?

Batu Malang. Supposed to be a great dive, turned our to be okay-okay only due to poor visibility

Yes, it’s full moon = tidal

I think accommodation was great for the price we paid. It’s peak season, but I’ve got this cozy room with great air-con working and fan in place (just in case it gets too cold). But my hotel room was the hub for mahjong every night we were in Tioman. We have 4 Mahjong kakis…and they are basically professionals/Gods/Kings…whatever you wanna call it. I just charge them rent/tax for the use of my hotel room as gambling den.

At night activity: Dry swimming.

Third day: back to hot weather. The sun was high up and the clouds were gone. Yah, I don’t get it either. Extreme weather back-to-back. Made 2 dives in some bay, but again, visibility sucked. Didn’t see anything significant but some regular skunk clown fishes. Did see a shark, but it swam away swiftly after seeing us approaching. Sissy shark.

Basically, a pretty laid back vacay in Tioman. I slept like 10 hours a day including naps. You must forgive me, but I haven’t had evening naps for a very looong time. So, this Tioman trip gave me soo much hours of sleep and meals, I felt…..hmpphh….guilty. Busy corporate women is like dat wan…dunno how to relax/sleep/be wasteful.

This cat sleeps every time we sees it. I need this kinda good life! – Sleep Sleep Sleep

Red Snapper

Sotong bakar

Oh yah, meals!!! Seafood was so fresh I had a spike in my cholesterol (I think!). The fish (red snapper) was soo large and fresh, I fainted in awe even before it was bbq-ed. It was grilled ngam ngam hou. And so were the prawns. The grilled sotong was done beautifully, but self-control got the better of me. I also had way too many ice-creams in this single trip alone. Two-three sticks per day, everyday in Tioman.

I finished a beautiful book which talks a bit of Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, and why dogs listens to him and not you….bla bla bla. OH, BTW….I’ve got a new family member! Yes, for real. My family has gotten ourselves a cute doggyyyyyy called Pei Pei and we love her like mad.

Back to reality. Back to the city. Back to my money-making routines. Back to whitening cream on my tanned skin.

So, Sunset, when will I be seeing you again?


(Boat) Rocking Phuket

“Sawadee ka!”

Yes, I was in the land of yummy spicy food, absolute friendliness, and vibrant culture. Also a land where no other Ronald in the world poses with both hands clapped. I like that; it’s just how the Thais and Ronald here say “Hello”, You are welcome “or “Thank you”


 Last time I was in Thailand was in Bangkok with my bestie, Jonie during 1st day Syawal 2005. It’s also a coincidence that this Phuket trip conincided with Syawal as well. What I really like was that it was low-peak season, which means….less tourist = less crowd! I personally think that if there were a crowd, the crowd would be all focused on Bangla Road. That road never seem to be void of people, even if the night before our arrival to Phuket, there was a huge fatal fire at one of the clubs. Four dead, but people are still walking in front of the cordoned area as if it’s still up for business. Spot a few police (or are they mafia?) with their notepads. I busy-bodied for a while there as I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to be in a actual CSI situation.

 (Oh, in case I forgot: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, readers!). 

A lagoon, Viking Cave. Actually our boats are hiding from the huge wave.

       Viking cave, Koh Phi Phi island – near 2nd scuba dive site

The main reason for this trip was to just hang out doing nothing. I wanted a relaxing trip, but the diver-in-me wanted more than just jalan-jalan or snorkle. How can I be snorkeling at James Bond Island, when I can go deep into the blues at Koh Phi Phi. Kan? kan??! I mean, think about it: you have your diving license sitting at home rotting, and the view is said to be extraordinary….so why wait?!

I just wanted 3 dives on a 1-day boat trip. When we left the jetty, our Japanese divemaster, Fumiko already warned us of the stormy weather the day before, and could probably hit us today. She also said that Asians are more prone to sea-sick compared to the bigger European divers on the same trip, and so we took seasick pills like they’re vitamin tablets 😛

Dive no.1 and no. 2 was absolutely brilliant. Happy with my dive log. But come evening, dive no. 3 became a big no-no for us (Asians on the boat), though a dozen of Europeans (gila babi gung-ho ke ape ni?) braved through the stormy(!!) and 2-meter wave for their 3rd dive. Divemaster Fumiko was the best when it came to safety: she said, if we don’t want to take dive no.3 because of the absolutely-ridiculous-storm-and-I-would-have-died-diving-at-this-2-meter-wavey-sea-couple-with-absolute-armagedonic-sky, we don’t have to. Of course we don’t have to!!! Gila ka?!?!  Fumiko herself called it = shit weather. I vomitted 3 times on the boat but which I was never been this happy vomiting: it’s better than dying in a foreign country.  I’ve never known or experience a more tragic weather than this. I really thought, our boat would have broken into half and I am already on Titanic2’s making.

            In front of noisy Hard Rock. Quiet streets…hmmphh.

The day of our arrival, we started exploring the whole Patong. If my maths don’t fail me, 80% of people in Patong are either Indians, Bangladeshis, Nepali (Central Asia). Phuket even gave them their own road (read: Bangla Road). I might spend quieter times at Karon or Kata beach if I were to return to Phuket in the future.

 While out Patong streets and beach are packed with stalls and shops, you can never miss JungCeylon, the biggest mall in Phuket. Being the shopaholic that I am, and at the first spot of chic coffee joints (e.g. Starbucks), I never fail to go there every day I am in Patong. 


On the first day, there was a futie tourney between kids from different schools, as well as a cheer-leading/colouring contest if you are a girl or kaki bangkus. What’s cool is the commitment by the kids and their (cheering? more like screaming) mums. Literally you’ve got whole bunch of soccer mums being more enthusiastic than their kids, probably. And what’s cool is the constant drum beating by this guy during the whole competition – that provides you a samba feel and the relevant mood to play your ball. (= dragon boat).

                 I LOVE PHUKET with Kenny Sin

I‘ve never thought I would meet my ex-housemate, Kenny Sin in Phuket. Out of the myriad of colours and people, Kenny spotted me whilst we were eating Phad Thai at the same shop! He called me upon hearing my ever-recognizable voice. It’s like, “we’ve never got to meet in KL after he moved out, but here we are in Phuket after yearssss” He looks great and frequents Phuket at least twice a year. He’s here on some charity thing. Well done!  

Fresh fruit juice. Chill!
This is one of the 20 over pics of my full bod on bikini. Old already, paiseh to show closer shots of myself
                   Now, this shot is better! 😛

After chilling with some mix fruit juicy tutti stuff, we headed out to the beach to receive our ‘natural’ massage/spa by the huge waves (again!) and to check out the sunset. The beach was considerably errr…empty, to my delight, as I am a bit self-conscious of my current body-shape as I grow older with age, esp. when on bikini. 😛  Ah well….stuffs happen when we age gracefully. I’ll take it.

                                                                                A sunset at Patong 
To my delight, this restaurant gave us manggis as dessert. To them, it’s cheap. For us, it’s rare.
                                     Complicated beauty

Patong is full of complicated wirings if you look up. This really amuses me. We’ve found beauty in randomness.  

One thing I didn’t like about Phuket is that the whole city is NOT WIRED. Even if it is, they charge the customers. Starbucks, Subway, True Coffee, kopitiam, restaurants….no FREE wi-fi. I think we KL people are spoilt for free wi-fi. 

                                      Farewell, Phuket.

I don’t know if I will be back any time soon, but I have logged in many good (and scary) memories from Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. Especially when spent together with Fong.



Double Hill

I’ve gotten my pre-valentine treat at Cameron Highlands, a place where flowers bloom and strawberry business thrive. ‘Strawberry business’ in my dictionary is not limited to strawberries growing in soil, but it also refers to merchandises that LOOK like strawberries, e.g. strawberry-shaped pillows, magnets, pencils that has strawberry prints, strawberry fondue, strawberry clothings, tea-infused strawberries, etc… Travesty! Gosh, they are everywhere in the whole of Camerons. Urrrgghhh….!

Don’t let this ‘beautiful’ fruit trick you

I hate strawberries and I am not kidding. The Malaysian breeds are rarely sweet, in fact they are super sour. This fruit is only beautiful skin-deep. Before you know it, they are grown with white-fluffy fungus, Rhizopus nigricans, with post-harvest ‘leak’ (I learnt this in my Ph.D. years of fungal res.). The only piece of strawberries I can consume are processed strawberries – in the form of jams and ice-cream. Nahhh, not even whip-cream on strawberry can change my mind abt this fruit.What made my impression of strawberries worse – the hideous English:

Haiyoor…England so worse!

The main objective (omg, too much of scientific research makes me so skema lately) of this trip was to hike up two hills (thus, Double hill) where lies the most amazing stretches of tea plantation: Sg. Palas BOH tea plantation and HABU tea plantation. The former is at Brinchang, while the latter is after Ringlet. And of course, to spend time with Fong away from the buzzling city :). If you didn’t know, I have been very stressful at work lately. I need some kinda time-out.

Flowers, yes, flowers are more my type
These are definitely not lavender, but they are so pretty!
Bharat tea plantation, off-Brinchang.

After checking in to Equatorial, we headed to Tanah Rata for lunch. During my Ph.D. years, I spent 5 days living in Tanah Rata to study the pesticide levels of produces here, hence I thought I was pretty familiar of Tanah Rata. But that was 2007. There wasn’t Starbucks then; I was surprised to see the coffee outlet being out-of-place in a tea-dominant area and teh tarik stalls! Hah, I spot only kwai lows and backpackers patronizing Starbucks at that time…See!

I do not know, but I feel that this Starbucks is kinda out-of-place

Wasting no time, we head to Lord’s Cafe to filled up our stomachs before the hike. Back then, this place was called T-cafe. infamously known for their classic scones & jam and creamy (strawberry?!) cakes. Pies here is a must-try too. I ordered scones, while Fong shared his strawberry mousse cake with me. It was disappointing to know that they do not serve main entrees anymore here. Wonder why.

Lord’s cafe lived up to its name as it does have a Christian feel in here. Loads of posters and encouraging verses from the Bible hung on the four walls of the cafe. Books/magazines are ample, contributed by backpackers stopping for a meal.

At Lord’s cafe
Finished scones.

After that quick brunch, we make the foothill of Sg. Palas BOH plantation, Brinchang. The primary reason we don’t want to drive up was because I’ve experience a literal heart attack the last time I came up here with my Kelisa with my ex-classmates. Was driving up to Sg. Palas with my Kelisa, and yet, I was pressured to passed those huge busses and other vehicles coming down. The gap between me and the edge of the ridge were mere inches!! I remembered I was
being honked and honked and honked and compelled to brave through the horrendous traffic flow. And that was with a tiny weany Kelisa we’re talking about; imagine going up with a Honda City! Historically I doubt there were any car that fell over the edge before, but it takes a heart of a lion to get up there. I was a squishy insect that time. 

Nevertheless, a hike is lots better cause:

1. It’s mere 2 km

2. It’s cooling!

3. The view was fantastic

4. We both love exercising, Fong’s from Menglembu. A tar-road hike-up = Kledang hill.

This was why we didn’t want to drive up to Sg. Palas. Traffic in standstill for
a moment. The road up/down fits 1 car and 1 car only.  Don’t fall off the

Rest for a while
Check point no.1 – white roses decorating the guard post
He doesn’t mind a pose. Plantation worker harvesting tea
Ethical spraying: Good agricultural practices by BOH. FYI, you’ll need  7 days after spraying pesticides before you harvest your produce.
An old smoke house bellowing …well, smoke. Well, it’s a rare sight (my first), cause in Malaysia  you don’t see fireplaces working on a sunny afternoon!
Arriving at destination. Sg Palas BOH plantation
A short break and hydrate before we hike down before night comes.

Early in the morning, even after finding out that Whitney Houston has passed (was shocked!), we were still enthusiastic and getting ready to do the next hike at Habu. But first, I can’t help but to play a game of pool after spotting four(!) pool tables at the hotel’s lobby.

When you see pool, you play pool

Alright, so we reached Ringlet and just after Ringlet, is another older BOH plantation – Habu. Habu is a little complicated and roads towards Habu is kinda hidden amongst the intensive agriculture. You have to drive up to Habu….and the hike starts from Habu tea house to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS: check point 1).  I’ve done this before in May 2011, so this route is pretty familiar. Probably 1.5 km. You can go another 4km to the peak of Habu, but time does not permit.

At Habu tea house.
Habu plantation as backdrop.
Was wondering what the white spots were. Zooming in showed hardworking plantation workers doing their tea-thing. Harvesting?
MNS check point 1. This place is filled with tall trees forming a shadowy canopy in a sunny afternoon, giving the divine sunlight a slight penetration.

On the way back from MNS, we spot two millipede doing their thing. They were bergolek-golek in proximity with each other. My take was that they were having sex. Ohh, I mean, mating.

Huge millipede. There were a pair (but not another was not photographed). Yes, mating.

We arrived at KL in the evening and were blessed to have each other, sharing the same passion. Bought like tonnes of vege and flowers, til today also still cannot finish. As my boss would say: Objectives were met.

>Death of this blog imminent


Blek, celebrating the impending death of this blog….

I have not been updating as frequently as previous years due to work (part time teaching swimming and full time work) and a series of events that led to me to abandon my blog this year. Not on purpose. Cause, mind you, I love blogging and writing. And I love this blog. It’s been My Space (pun intended) since 2005.

1.  The domain: Blogspot has limited the number of pictures (which is linked to Picasa) that I can post on my current blog. Max photos in Picasa is 1GB, which I surpassed long ago because I had uploaded pictures to Picasa since 2005. Well, unless I delete my old photos which is big no-no. I am altogether pissed with, not my blog, but with Picasa. I am definitely not paying for extending my 1GB space of my current Picasa account. What I did was to set up another Picasa account: where I get yet again another brand new lousy 1GB. Whatever it is, this factor alone has compelled me to wanna quit blogging for real. 

2. Indeed, the word ‘microblogging’ rather than blogging per se have taken over me. I’ve been twittering more, and concurrently updating my life in Linked-in, FB, Buzz via TweetDeck. While I still will upload photos to my new Picasa account (sure boh?), I am definitely looking forward to my FB account in terms of uploading new photo albums as FB is not limiting my album space (sure boh!?). Will they limit in the future? Well, let’s just hope not for the time being. Microblogging is the way to go, but where little bits and parts of my mind goes bewildered and lost in some ‘book’ that I have a hard time recovering back. That’s what I don’t like abt microblogging and where microblogging is lacking.

3. Setting a new blog, probably: Will this work? No eye-deer. I am contemplating on doing this though I am pretty sure it is repeating the cycle/wheel with blogspot again; I foresee the same damn problem cropping up in the future. And soon, I will copy-paste from this rant again for y’all 😛 

I don’t need readers for this blog is not for ppl to see (though I do appreciate comments), just that I would love to have a so-called online diary…you get what I mean? I enjoy writing and looking back at the past posts and smile at my sillyness (and smartness also lah).

4. Set up my own website/domain such as: 😛 No?

5. Apa dia Tumblr ni? Put water punya bekas? Accelerated death of blog due to microblogging:

Any suggestions in solving my issue above? I am a clueless person on the web. I know very well, but I have little idea how to exploit the vast opportunities that exist in the internet. Please, please, a big part of me don’t want to quit blogging altogether.

*Apologies if I did not get my facts right on those issues above. Errata appreciated.

>Feverish pace…


For regular readers, it’s not like you didn’t notice…but I’ve changed my blog design just few days back. The new design has a glass of wine as the background in replacement of my fav beverage (it still is!): Coffee. The glass of wine represents…errr…pretty much nothing. Don’t ask me why Wine instead of Coffee. No reason. Me and my idiosyncratic way of writing remained.

This year, I’ve been much quieter. There’s a lot happening around me and my life but there’s doesn’t seem to be any correct time to write it. My Twitter and Facebook have been the main podcast of my life; however it’s good to generally update you with my going-ons:

1. Scuba Diving at Perhentian Islands Kecil and Besar (27-30 May 2010):

I am pretty glad with the trip that we’ve planned. I’ve clocked in 8 amazing and very very challenging dives!! I just gotten my diving license in Jan 2010, so compared the rest of my diving buddies (Kenny, Chin Yee, Ling2), I’m still novice when it comes to open water dives, which btw cost you guys a wreckage dive 😦

Perhentian was a very very pleasant place to dive and with an awesome Dive Master from a We-Will-Do-Everything-For-You-Including-Washing-Your-BCD Dive Centre @Watercolours, I could not ask for more!

Highlights of the 8 open-water dives:
1. 3-legged turtle eating weeds very gelojoh-ly!
2. A scary looking Moray eel,
3. Chin Yee (and sometime I do too) trying to spot a nudibranch w/o help of divemaster. Futile.
4. A giant i.e. 1.5m sting ray!
5. Cleaner-shrimp giving all of us a manicure.
6. Very strong undercurrent and low visibility at dive spots: at Batu Nisan & Lighthouse. Challenging!
7. An annoying Digi Yellowman who lost his dive-buddy and bumping on us all over *benci*.

We stayed at Watercolours’ Impiani resort/chalet. Our chalets is very high on top of the hill with a great great view fr the balcony. The food is pretty good and the services by the staffs were very friendly. But a lot of mosquitoes and biawak, gecko!!!

From the Impiani’s chalet balcony. Other pics from this trip:

My besties organized a pre-bday dinner for me at The Apartment, The Curve sempena my 2*th bday. I do feel older. Even some pictures do show. I browsed through all my bday photos throughout the years and did noticed the changes in myself through the years: I looked less cute, but mature, wiser, and prettier…no? 😛

On my bday itself, I was FFK-ed by my own family for a bday celebration. I was dissappointed but nevertheless someone special was there to cheer me up. Japanese food for me! YUMMS for the unagi I ordered. Huge portion some more. I totally recommend this place to our AsiaCafe-no-more-gang. Go to: Kissaten @ IOI Boulevard.

1. Run Run Run and what comes with it:

An all new Ipod Nano as a b’day gift. It will make a good accessory for my running. Next run will be at SCKL21km, and there’s no better running companion than this amazing mp3 player.

But more importantly is an earphone that doesn’t dislodge from your ears when u run + sweat. I suffered during the 15km run during Pacesetters in May because I kept pressing the earphones to my ears the whole run. Doesn’t work. Maybe my ear-hole is not ‘standard’ size. Too big.

So I’ve gotten a new pair of earphones also from the Apple Store. A very good buy, sumbatan yang baik, boleh memendekkan the tali, and more importantly good bass.

  Then I forgot: Remind me to return the Ipod Shuffle to Cal girl!!!

3. Fever: Makan bola, Tidur bola, Pakai bola…

I wished it didn’t happen so soon. But it is June 2010 and it’s imminent. I will definitely lose some huge amount of sleep. Plus, I always am a big football fan, I can’t help it. In English premier league, I support ManUtd, but in World Cup, I support the footballer. No wayne, no lionel; Yes to Kaka.

There are 3 places in my house where you won’t miss the WC schedule: I put one above my headrest of my bed at the wardrobe; one huge fourfourtwo piece at the kitchen wall; one more at my kitchen table.

Sorry Bun, but you’re right…I have gotten myself a FourFourTwo magazine plus a Time edition of the world cup.  I am trying to get hold of every information of the WC as I can. Once every four years marrr…

But what folly!!!!!! I don’t even subscribe to the Astro’s Sports Package!!!

I thought I’d just depend on my RTM…but alamak…found out only 35 Perlawanan terpilih je…..

Dear all,

I’ve never asked for too much. I’m often quite contented with life. Also quite modest in my wantings. But this year, I want all of you to pls continue to support me and everything I pursue: my career, my r/ships, my travels, and my adventures.
Thank You to all of u for giving me a great year. This is year will be another good one.

Luv, Ivy