Compounding interests


My current muse: The Looniness of a Long Distance Runner – Russell Taylor
RM5.00 only from the Big Bad Wolf Book fair. So worth it!

‘Compounding interests’:

I love this term. Makes you wanna cry every month 😛 However, I am talking about the interest in running. My interest in running is compounded by reading several funny-ha-ha books such as the one above – “looniness of the long distance runner…” . I always ter-sleep when I read a book to bed, but not this book. I laugh hysterically every night reading this book (not good if you’re my neighbour), and knowingly bearing the consequence of a mere 4 hour sleep nightly. You know how I hate British authors and style of writing since uni days: Dry! dry! dry! and leave you more confused at the end of your read. Once you’ve read American-authored books, you’ll never lay hand on a Brit’s shit ever. But this Brit (Russell Taylor) has been killing my sleep every night…..*smiles*

And I thought the first chapter that prints a huge title: “The History of Marathon” would be harshly mundane, wordy and only a greek kid would be compelled to follow it. This was different, surprisingly. I actually did enjoy this chapter the most. The modern history of marathon was the best-est part.

Who would’ve thought the infamous Murakami runs….and writes abt it! I would have to recommend this book to anyone who has compounding interest in running. The read has motivated and taught me so much too.  This was because I could relate to him and his experience in both is struggles in running and triathlon (swimming). Yes, I can lend you this book, but for once, please return to me after reading. None of my books were returned to me after I lent them to so many. Darn

I can never leave coffee out in anything I do. Caffeine is another ‘compounding interest’ of mine.
Topping up my reads with a brew of Choco- Cappuccino  (from Marks & Spencers – Xmas’10  present fr Callie).
With all the natural disasters and pending-wars in this world, I am optimistic that the world is going to end relatively soon (eh, relative to what?).
I truly believe, either:

1. 2012 is for real, ppl. Buy a property/land in South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. 😛


2. Climate change is for real, ppl. It has always been anyway.


3. Earthquakes can be human-triggered 😉 Many do know about this already but if you’re in the oil/gas company, you will know exactly how and the science behind it. Small, small tremors may be human triggered. Don’t bother if you’re not a scientific person.Google in the lines of: ‘Human-triggered earthquakes’; ‘secondary oil recovery and seismic activity’, ‘reinjection of water into well’, etc.

4. Radiation clouds will arrive in Malaysia soon. Ppl think this is an overstatement, but I think otherwise. When it comes to radiation and eventhough ppl say: it’s still far away from here lah, trust the Japanese ppl lah; Japanese ppl are damn modern and can handle this nuclear situation lah, whatever shit wind doesn’t reach Malaysia lah, all government will say that to keep calm. I am not paranoid abt this. I barely have extra toilet paper at home and only one Maggi mee left 😛 It is just that I have a bad feeling that even if the radiation has arrived in Malaysia, and Malaysia being Malaysia, will have their meteorological station play down their data!! I don’t like information to elude me. I sgt benci data-scandal!

This is the same thing as GMO lah. You dunno meh…you’ve been eating GMO soy bean products for the past 12 years? I got data mar. Our gov can’t even be bothered to label those GMO food. Same: you may already kena radiation or emitting some, but betcha our gov can’t be bothered or can’t handle the situation. We should be smart enough to not to play down the nuclear situation in Japan.

Sigh. I also believed Japanese gov ( just as any gov would have) is really really undermining and playing down the effects of radiation in this region cause they don’t want panic, panic-buying and economic meltdown or stuffs like that. But hey, which government wouldn’t, eh?

But wait!!! Dah cakap membebel-bebel banyak ni. Let me see…radiation or not, I don’t have a gym. So, you’ll still see me in Bkt Jalil running under the rain. Any forms of radiation won’t stop my compounding interest in running 😛




The last time I remember it was held in Amcorp Mall. Lazy to go there. Now that it’s held nearer to my office (the Fair is @South City Plaza) I made an effort and took advantage of the Friday long praying & lunch hours to head out there

This is my first time. Before I I stepped into the fair, I told myself strictly that “I cannot be tempted to buy so many books cause it’s not entirely a good thing to overload on anything

But I was soo wrong! About my own self. I binged on so many books just now!

Actually comparatively, I bought ‘NOTHING’ cause I see ppl buying boxes and boxes of books!!! So cheap marr. Sitting down in the cashier queue some more. Haizz, kerr lian..should bring cash marrr….tsk tsk.

But what’s cool is that even if you buy sooo many books…you don’t go pokai here. Most books are new titles and still soo cheap! RM8 only for a hard cover of your fav fiction from Ken Follett or Grisham to Rushdie!

A tip: Bring cash (thankfully I brought cash!) cause it reduces your over-buying of unnecessary books (books-that-u-don’t-actually-read-but-because-it’s-cheap-you-purchase-it) and the cash counter was sooooo much shorter and faster.


Another tip: Bring along (and make use of) a friend or your mum or dad. Ask them to queue for you while you slowly find your good books. Then make use of them again to bring those books back to the car for you.

I went alone, and I really couldn’t carry all my books….so I literally dragged them to my car!

My box of books. Total of 13 books…

My personal opinion is that the travel books are a pretty good buy. Bought a book about diving sites in the world, SouthEastAsia travels, and about err…about Long distant running (don’t ask me why, but because it’s mere RM5.00)

Those books will last me a year. Enough of books!! Barely even open the latest book I bought 2 weeks ago.



Bought 2 books – one fiction, one non~

But that was more than 2 weeks ago.

Only read 2 pages of the first chapter.
Stalled for 2 weeks.
Will re-start reading in 2 days time.
Or only when 2 major reports-cum-presentations to GM is done.

The fiction I bought. 
The Man Booker’s prize winner this year 2010.
The last Booker I read was ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martell which blew me off.
 I am hoping this will too.

>This week, I feel…..

>1. disappointed Manutd couldn’t defend their Champions League title against Barca. I woke up early that morning, quickly check my Twitter but found no updates from my Manutd fan club follows. Which could only mean one thing – they lost.

2. scared like hell – I think need to go back to Ipoh for medical check up again lahh. I feel there’s something really wrong with my system. I don’t feel good all the time. Occasional migraine, lethargy, hair loss, pimples, neck pain, calling for sick leave almost weekly. I like Zow Zow instant noodle, but this week, I don’t even feel like eating it. I ate zinc supplement daily, drank Brand’s chicken essence, discarded my old pillow away but to no avail. I am afraid I have some medical condition more sinister than it apparently seemed. Hope it’s as simple(?) as STRESS.

3. geram gilerr On 28 May 2009, I gave-up on my hair. I was sooo frizzy! I woke up one morning realising I was the epitome of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. I did look like an orang utan. The mirror cracked. I sped thru LDP to my stylist in The Curve. He charged me nothing!! FOC!!! Aleluia for thoughtful people. He gave my hair a very relaxing spa and un-frizz it. My brains and head, whatever that was on top of me felt sooo much better. My hair was springy and livelier than ever. My wants: Taylor Swift’s mane.

4. Over The Top I am currently applying for jobs. I wrote my C.V. and many resumes and cover letters and proofread my credentials through many many times. Wow, I have lots of stuffs going on in me!! Five A4 papers for a C.V. is kinda OTT, eh. *Sweat*

5. finished but fulfilled – I’ve taught swimming for….hmmphhh…let me calculate…(where’s my calculator)……June 2005-09…..kali, plus, minus, bahagi = 3 years+!! Made friends, made enemies (ya, benci sangat sama dia!), made kids cry, made kids go nuts, made my skin go bad, made tan-lines, made my hair frizz, and made many aunty-friends.

6. recessed – Yes, I feel the recession. I’ve been slowing down on my clubbing, shopping, and eating. My disposable income (scholarship actually) had allowed (or spoiled!) me to live a bit too luxurious as a student. This month onwards, I will not have any more income as I’ve stopped all my swimming. I hope to retain the weekend swimming though. Now, just recide at home and write write write, edit, read, study, and maybe apply for jobs.

**BTW, I have been given money to edit people’s thesis! That’s surprisingly good income!

7. Wow-ses – What a great great book – White Tiger. It made my heart beat beat beat pump pump pump even thinking about the story at this moment. Think The Kite Runner was good read? Try White Tiger. To me, it was a great read. All about the entrepreneurship in India that you can’t find in China 🙂 And how there are only two types of people in this world – man with belly and man without belly. And you decide your own future.

>Reading is my hobby since age 7. Check my card 001.


I seldom review a book that I read. There a reason – I just read and absorb every single word from the book and alas….forgot the whole context; I don’t know what to say about it. Buy a book, read, forget what you’ve just read after an average of 200 pages. If you see the my Friendster’s typelist, there are a lot of books that I’ve read and enjoyed, and some authors that I’ve grown fond with. My fav. books titles range from the Harvard econs geek “Freakanomics” to romantic classics like “Jane Eyre” with no one genre that I can stay focus onto. I think I chose NOT to focus; I CHOSE to read a range of genre as to widen my knowledge and reinvent my worldview about everything to anything (politics, environment, travel, fantasies, history, and romances) that’s happening around me (and not). My dad is my greatest motivator in reading. If you come to my home in Ipoh, you’ll be surpised to see stacks of fiction and literatures lying around…..they are all my dad’s!!! My dad reads more than anybody I’ve seen in my life. No joke. He loves literature especially those from kuno romantic English authors. There’s no wonder he can accept any crap behaviour from me. He understands every woman’s mind as easily as Bronte would have feministically pun-it in words.
I just finished reading “England, England” by Julian Barnes. This book was shortlisted for the prestigious Booker’s Prize. I never could put this book down once I started. Well, no review here, as I said before: I don’t write reviews (my English actually sucks) and every book/story relates to the reader in a different way. However, I totally recommend this book if you want something to mourn, laugh and wonder about. How satisfiying!
Another book I recommend is ‘The Road” by Cormac McCarthy which won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize. If this sounds familiar to you, yes, this is the same author for “No Country For Old Men” which adapted screenplay has won an Oscar. Though I’ve not read the latter, “The Road” has actually made me thought of the maintenance of moral in mankind though the world has apparently ended. Can you still believe in God though you know God put you through this s**t? Do I have to behave properly although no one’s looking? Will you survive without anyone but your dad who kept bugging you 😛 ? Survival skills and moral and innocence is the question behind “The Road”. You must read it. I gave this favourite book away to Jo Nie on my trip to Bangkok. I NEVER give books away, but I would love to give it to someone I think is special.
Other books I recommend: Middlesex, Animal Farm by Orwell (this is a classic one!), The World Is Flat, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (oooo, I recomm. this for aspiring politicians), 1984 by Orwell (again!).
Books that I plan to buy and read: The Other Boleyn Girl, Atonement by Ian McEwan, Love In The Time of Cholera, Molecular Cloning by T.A. Brown (Muahahaha! had to include this one, sorry!)
Writing off,
P.S. I Love You

>Singapura, oh Singapura!


On 21st July, I went to Singapore for a reunion with 21 of my SIF fellows. Can’t believe it has been 5 years and everyone looked just the same as they were 5 years back!! Well, there are some minor changes though – Man became thin, Dat is sooo built and Claudia is 5-months pregnant. Otherwise, everyone remained the same as who they were 5 years ago. Our childishness has not disappear either – playing all those crazy drinking games (thanks Dat!).
Jo Nie, Boon King and I watched this silly, comedy, low-budget New Zealand film called “Black Sheep” (what else could New Zealanders do but to film their own sheeps…sigh). From the title, I knew it would be hillarious. Jo Nie and I burst out laughing each and every minute! Non-stop. But there were many bloody scenes too. Imagine you are in New Zealand and there’s nothing there but sheeps, and this crazy GM sheep comes attacking you by munching at your flesh and then you turn into…ya….a sheep too!!! Oh, soo bloooooody and bloody funny!!! Good entertainment.

I missed my Harry Potter 7 dateline because of this Singapore trip. MPH man came right to my doorstep but I wasn’t there. When I went to MPH to collect my book and free gift, MPH said that no transaction was being made and my name was not in their list of bookings. Ohhh…sooo sucky…First, I realised that MPH priced their HP7 book RM99.90 while Tesco was at RM69.90. I could have just cancel my online booking months ago and purchase the potter book from Tesco instead. Then, I had to go allllllll the way to MPH Midvalley twice to ask them about my transaction that has already been debited to my credit card. I became furious because they couldn’t fix my problem. Money paid, but no book! So expensive some more….. Alas, MPH claim there was a mixed-up and finally after all this silly hassles, I got my Potter book.

First thing I did was to run through the epilogue – the last 7 pages. So, Harry Potter is alive. And that’s it! That’s all I need to know!!! I haven’t open the book since. I shelved my Potter away and continued reading my other book that I have started since last week – Middlesex. Seems I am not a Pottermania anymore.

Girls, girls, can’t wait to go Cameron Highlands. Camerons will be my final trip for this month or two. Saving money for overseas trips, and my parent’s 30th anniversary this X’mas.