So this is what motherhood does to you eh. No time to even blog. My last post was like what..3 months ago?!

Truth: I really miss blogging (=leisure writing) besides writing work-related reports. Being a working-mum and without any help from own mum, MIL, a maid or not even a part time maid actually does sucks. I have NO TIME. When I say I have no time, I really mean no time for myself.

Note: Hubby is my biggest helper and supporter at home. My hubby is not like what you expect from any popular urban myth that describes husband as coming back home from work, puts up his legs on the table, reads the paper, waiting for your warm, home-cooked dinner and TV remote on his hands. Nope, nope.When he returns from work, he helps me wipe my son’s butt, bath him, feeds him, boils water, sterilizes, makes pear, apple and vegetable puree and freezes them, takes out the garbage, cuts fruits for me, does the dirty dishes, and brings me out for dinner if I burn my meals. [Check] (for choosing the right hubby).

And since today’s Mother’s Day with my active baby who don’t give a shit about what it is, it’s okay: my hubby celebrated with me by bringing us out to eat wanton mee! Ok watt….this wanton mee shop got aircon ok. Nevertheless, our Mother’s Day festive mood was (expectedly) destroyed by my son’s urge to scream (happy, joyful kinda screaming) and pee pee out of his diapers (don’t ask me how his dick can escape his diaper) in the middle of slurping my yummy wantan soup.

Truth: the wanton mee is really delicious ok. First Mother’s Day 2016: [Check].

In the wanton mee shop. Don’t know want to scold or not, shout happily like sakai. The more we say “Shhhh sshhh”, the more he happy and scream again. Malu oi…

Daniel just turned 7 months old. And I am still alive to witness his milestones aplenty. I mean, I thought I would have turned into a zombie by then, but hallelujah, my brains are still functional, I can walk straight, and still like eating wanton mee (and not human brains). [Check].

He absolutely loves solids of any form. Mummy makes porridge with vege (e.g. pumpkin, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, etc.) every evening and he gobbles them up all for 2 meals a day like a velociraptor. He is a velociraptor since young anyways. Pear puree is his absolute favourite. [Check].

He is always, always happy. Check. Don’t ask me why he’s always happy but he really, really is happy. I don’t like to praise my child (some people say pantang), but sometimes I do wonder why he smiles and laughs all the time (a good thing, right?). Little bit, little bit also laugh. I say something not funny with a straight face also he laughs. Grandma say he gives away his smiles too easily, so now very cheap di. LOL  But hello, mind you, if he ever cries, the cry can be heard up til the next street.

I do nothing also he can laugh. Tak paham lah, mummy.

Laugh laugh laugh all day long, dunno why. Cheap laughs. 😛

He is very active, and his limbs are particularly strong. His legs always give one hell of a powerful kick on tables, on chairs, and anywhere his feet touches. He yanks up and jumps all the time! I think he wants to stand more than crawl *sweat*. He was born with sturdy bones and not the flimsy, soft type you expect of a baby. He fell down also don’t cry wan. I do hope one day he is a sportsman (ahem: triathlete) and hope the sun can make him darker. He’s a bit too fair for a boy. lol. [Check].

“My legs are so strong, I need to jump around and stand up all the time. I hate sitting.”

BTW, he likes sitting on babysit in the car. Makes mummy’s life easier when going to babysitter’s place every weekday. That baby car seat also like macam kena spike with some kind of sleep potion. He SLEEPS every single time I put him on that carseat! Daniel loves his babysitter and family. On many occasions  he didn’t want to get into mummy’s car after work. Boo huhuhu. Nevertheless, I actually do want him to love his babysitter and this indirectly proves that his babysitter takes good care of him. [Check].

As a working mum and no helper at home, my daily routine now makes me so damn bloody tired. Everyday after work around 5.30 pm, corporate mummy becomes stinky, sweaty mummy: Fetch Daniel from babysitter- cook adult’s dinner (almost daily!)-cook baby’s porridge-bath baby-feed baby-play with baby-switch on BabyTV on Astro-handwash baby’s clothes-make baby nap-etc.

Thank God he has a ‘schedule’, therefore his behaviour is easy to predict – time to eat, time to sleep, time to play.

I sometimes cry inside on why my life is so bad – no money to hire maid, no helper, no one to clean my house; I am fat and can only exercise once a week now, and why my life not mewah, Why didn’t I choose and married a rich hubby? Soo poor thing this Ivy Chai, made poor decisions in life, now suffer like mad. My life is so difficult with a house and son she can’t manage by herself. My son sometimes roll on his pee pee, I pick up toys that has drop onto the oily restaurant or kitchen floor and forgot to clean it for a week. I pick up porridge that fell onto the floor but shove it with a spoon back to my son’s mouth cause don’t want to waste. I no money to buy nice toys for him, so his favourite toys is my remote control, and waste papers, crispy old receipts, golf ball.  I no money to buy organic food for him to eat. Chia seed…what?!, *rant rant rant rant*

Truth: I say this ONLY when I can’t handle my child and dinner. Mummy sometimes needs to vent marr and reflect on life. The Larger truth: No regrets marrying my hubby. He is a man that I dare say, of highest integrity (pantang say. hehehe). He is my helper and never complain once (really never, a polar opposite of myself). He loves my son to the moon and back. He does his own ironing(!) and laundry *phew* and see Paragraph 3 for more info. Middle class people in Klang Valley is like dat lah. With our salaries combined, we are both captain planets of our home.

Thank God also for MIL and my mum that always gives me meat and homegrown vegetables for a month’s worth of home-cooked dinner.

Thank you my Mum, my MIL, my Hubby and my son that makes my ‘suffering’ all worth it.

Baby here 6 months old with the best hubby in the world, really. Sorry I always complain and mang chang.



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