At 37th Week

My baby is kam bing soon.Kam Bing (pun intended). He will be born in Year of the Goat.

What did I learnt so far of being pregnant (FTM)? :-

– I learnt that you can eat anything you want (just like before you were pregnant) but in moderation e.g. cold drinks i.e. teh ais, pineapple, seafood, sushi, sashimi, coffee, tea and even half-boiled eggs.

– I learnt that everybody is happy for you when you announce it for the first time to the world, but when the and old-wives tales / advises begin to come in, you wished you told no one about it.

– I learnt that you don’t put on that much weight and don’t show until your 7th month. Mine only showed at 32nd week (8 month). My Head of Department did not notice my pregnancy just until she asked me if I did gained some weight from Holland biz trip due to the cheeses.

– I learnt that some people do treat you like OKU, and you must be grateful because no other time in the world you get such amazing treatment. It made you believe in people once again:

  • You will start seeing crowds of people opening up a lane just for you to pass, like the opening of the Red Sea and Moses seems to be on the other end;
  • moses-at-the-red-sea-vladimir-bibikov\
  • The waiter will give you the best table and view in the restaurant you patronize; You don’t have to wait long in queues because people let you cut queue;
  • Taxi driver open the door for you to enter and alight from the car;
  • The air-hostess kept asking me if I need more snacks;
  • My boss frequently asked me if I need to go home for being so pale-looking every day (I don’t have the pregnancy glow);
  • I get to walk around the office with my Havaiana slippers and allowed to do so by the HSE even inside the laboratory!! How about that for getting to break rules!

– This thing called ‘Baby-Luck’ is real: I get parkings all the time in peak periods at shopping malls and banks; I get documents approved by big bosses, and project endorsed by people I do not know; I get to close more gaps in the recent technical assessment tests, unlike previous years; I get food orders at the hawker stalls faster than everyone else.

–  I learnt to ask more (stupid) questions to my doctor. Because I start wondering why so many people can be woth their O&G doctor with consultation for >20 minutes, while I went in and came out in only 5 minutes.

– You can still swim and jog, but when comes to >35th week, your feet look like those of a hobbit (minus the hairyness) that wades like a duck on land. What’s worse: you feel like you will never get to run a marathon again.

– Just realised I don’t have to wear a seat belt while driving if preggers. Good one there, as the seat belt has recently has a life of its own and starts to strangle my tummy.

– People starts giving you suggestions on baby’s names. And you then you tend to end up with a baby’s name nothing like any of those people have suggested. Reverse psychology.

– People asked you if you had a boy or girl. And if you say you are having a boy, they will be like: “Good for you!!” “Boy will make you parents happy”. Thus I did wonder if I told them I had girl, what would these say or will they still be happy for me? I think in the lines of: “Oh, for your second baby, no worries, you will get a boy” or “Nevermind, girls are easier to take care and smarter”, etc. WTF!

– I learnt that my mental state does not sync with my physical state. I do feel sleepy all the time. However, rest = back/pelvic pain. Now I am in a zombie / insomnia state despite wanting to sleep so badly.

– I learnt that it is not entirely a joy to be pregnant. Tell you, I don’t have the pregnancy glow at all. If glow means fatness, then yes, I have that.

– My fear is not on the pain of giving birth. My greatest fear is giving birth to a baby sooo adorable, I will have to quit my job (I hope not as I really love being in the corporate world).

It’s 37th week yo! Excited that little notti baby could pop out anytime soon. Til then, Ivy-out.


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