Moist Butter Cake

I know myself that I can’t bake as well as I cook. Even so, my cooking is average. This I rate myself, as hubby has always given me “okay lah” comment  every time I ask him how my dishes are. Occasionally I get a “WOW, very good” – for most of my Italian and European cuisine (i.e. my secret recipe salmon steak). I only cook; and why I don’t bake is because I hate recipes like they are company’s SOPs which have little room for ‘playing’ around and innovate. To bake something out successfully, many would agree one should not stray far from the ingredients, amount stated and ratios.

I have not baked for a long time. As far as I can remember, the last butter cake (that is not from a 3-in-1 cake mixture) was 8-9 years back. My guinea pig (i.e. my mum) frankly told me that my butter ‘stone’ cake could have killed anyone instantly if I threw it out from the balcony. Tasted good but hard like diamond. I was demotivated and that was the last cake I remember baking.

I am grateful to have worked with a colleague who is caring and soft spoken as a person. She’s leaving after a decade in the company and I thought of baking a cake for her farewell. I daringly volunteer to bake something (as everyone else is cooking). As being the only Chinese in a Malay-dominated department, I usually refrain myself from sharing my home-cooked food nor even letting anyone know I brought any foods from home. Now you know potlucks are easy-peasy for me as I come empty-handed, and but you felt rather left-out after “aunty” colleagues talked about how they prepared their gulai and assam pedas. I dare not cook for potluck, but I believe baking should work as baking ingredients are usually halal.

Best butter cake in town? After a homemaker friend’s facebook review of having the best full-proof (warning: only if you follow the recipe accurately) buttercake she’s ever made, I got hold of the recipe. This buttercake recipe has been highly recommended because it doesn’t crack on the top upon baking, and it’s like so moist. I believe the secret is separating the egg yolks from the whites and only fold-in the well-beaten whites at the end. Go to:


I definitely need a refresher course and demo online, and YouTube of the same recipe should work:

For a start, I need to buy a whole set of baking instruments as I misplaced my previous baking barang at my previous apartment. I don’t want to be overly enthusiastic about baking (yet!) hence I bought inexpensive instruments and baking stuff for my first try-out in almost a decade.

 I was thinking Kitchen Aid for my cake mixer, but let's not be too enthusiastic yet.
I was thinking Kitchen Aid for my cake mixer, but let’s not be too enthusiastic yet.

Wish me luck! And if the cake does go wrong, blame it on the oven!! LOL!

Or just bring a bunch of Buntong’s kacang putih to the potluck if all else fails.


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