I bought a service condo unit at Serdang 3-4 years back for stay/investment. At that time, I knew I wanted to have a place of my own and not to rely on my parents’ family apartment in Puchong. I was 30 years old that time, ok, so no good to always rely on parents. Nevertheless, I got married and then my amazing hubby got ourselves a landed house for our new chapter in life. So all thoughts of the solo me living in a condo has dissipated, and now hope to rent or to sell my unit at UNIV360.

When my parents first saw this condo (that time it was just an empty secondary bush land), they weren’t too impressed. The condo is located next to some old, rundown, low-cost flats, Block B was facing the noisy KL-Seremban highway, whilst Block A was facing Serdang industrial area. The land adjacent to it was a sewage pond (but has since been redeveloped to be another condo and commercial area). On second thought, the location is very strategic – ample access roads in and out of KL, near Seri Kembangan food areas, Putrajaya, SKVE, LEKAS, and easy to access to IOI City Mall. It is also easy to rent out – looking at to students from nearby UPM. And the showunit was well-presented (my parents are in love immediately), and we absolutely adore the huge swimming pool with waterfalls, roof-top gym and sky garden. And all these got my conservative parents suddenly interested with the concept. Plus, if you see now, UNIV360 gave incentive to our neighbouring old flats some fresh new paint(!) to its entire building. How generous of our developer. Even the old flats now looks pretty new and decent! The roads in front of our condo has been widened and a new traffic lights has been installed.

What’s better, I bought the unit at Block A, which is facing the swimming pool! when you open the balcony. I just went to check my unit out last week – and what a great view from the balcony from the 9th floor! Actually, I purportedly spend extra $$$$ for that facing-swimming-pool unit, which is limited edition, and slightly larger than the conventional units. The best part is that my lot is not facing the noisy highway nor the industrial area.

The layout of my apartment.
The layout of my apartment.

In my 10 year in-out Serdang area (from BSc. to Ph.D. in UPM), I know that area damn well as we ate there all the time (read: Ket Thong). Until today, since my office is near UNITEN Bangi, colleagues and I still have our have lunch breaks near Serdang. So, I pass by UNIV360 development almost daily, and saw in anticipation the progress of the building of the condo up to 3 years. Oh well, sometime I am just praying and hoping that the project would not stall half-way due to economic slowdown, or what-ifs e.g. developers run away with our deposits. To cut the story short – my parents supported my move to buy this condo, and voila…it’s here today.

And yes, I am promoting my condo to people – for rent. Let me do some slight renovation first to our unit before I can rent for sure.

If it weren’t for my current Kinrara house, marriage, and soon-to-be additional member to the Fong family (Baby!), I would have moved here. For real.



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