Remembering MH17

I am shocked once again by the tragedy of Flight MH17. The whole Malaysia are. Though it is little over a week after the incident, I still feel the ‘heat’ looking at the endless headlines glued in all front pages all over the world on #MH17. The ‘heat’ meant that on the day the plane was said to be shot down by a missile, all my food and coffee tasted bad, I had stomachache for no reason; maybe I was thinking of how it felt like to die in a plane crash, and felt the urge to write my own obituary just in case I do die in similar incident, or wondering watching on-board flight movie would I be watching, or would the death be quick, and what would be my family, friends and relatives reaction to my death in a plane crash, and at the end of the day I did screw my homecooked meal with too much salt (to the wound, pun unintended). My mental state was badly affected and my motor neurons had temporary paralysis.

What bothers me most is the likelihood of plane crashes, loss and other related incidents such as fire and bad landing of airplanes lately. We were once given the statistics that dying from a lightning strike in a tropican country is more likely than dying in a plane crash anywhere in the world. That is why we, as Malaysians, cannot accept that how could 2 plane tragedies happened in a span of 4 months, with the first plane incident (lost?) had still no closure. Being the scientific person I am, worrying on the statistics, would rather drive interstate within Malaysia than to take a flight.

Then, it is MAS. I am saddened because MAS was my first flight ever when I was 12. I still remember my cousin was an air-hostess for MAS and she booked me a flight from Ipoh to KL (yes, those were the days where Ipoh airport was pretty busy like Subang airport wann ok). I had two relatives as air-hostess that time and was sooo proud of them, but of course my mum wishfully ‘killed’ my dreams because she told me I was born a hobbit and no way I could be like them. MAS, why MAS again? I adore their in-flight services of the crew AND first class lounge at KLIA. I was in an MH370 from KL to Beijing in January 2014 before the incident happened, when I remembered the head crew who served me well – he is gone now, when I saw the papers showing images of those lost in the flight. Surreal.

MAS needs a revamp. I don’t know how, I am not from McKinsey…but a change of name or logo would be great. Please change the colour, as it was thought that the boeing MH17 had same colour stripes of the Russian flag, which cause for mistaken identity and probably lead to the crash of MH17. 

All those who were on board MH17 and lest we forget MH370, may peace be upon all your souls. Too soon to say this, but you have affected us in a good way, bringing us Malaysians together as one voice, one heart, and….allow for some quietness and stillness in our turbulent, but beloved country.  


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