(Boat) Rocking Phuket

“Sawadee ka!”

Yes, I was in the land of yummy spicy food, absolute friendliness, and vibrant culture. Also a land where no other Ronald in the world poses with both hands clapped. I like that; it’s just how the Thais and Ronald here say “Hello”, You are welcome “or “Thank you”


 Last time I was in Thailand was in Bangkok with my bestie, Jonie during 1st day Syawal 2005. It’s also a coincidence that this Phuket trip conincided with Syawal as well. What I really like was that it was low-peak season, which means….less tourist = less crowd! I personally think that if there were a crowd, the crowd would be all focused on Bangla Road. That road never seem to be void of people, even if the night before our arrival to Phuket, there was a huge fatal fire at one of the clubs. Four dead, but people are still walking in front of the cordoned area as if it’s still up for business. Spot a few police (or are they mafia?) with their notepads. I busy-bodied for a while there as I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to be in a actual CSI situation.

 (Oh, in case I forgot: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, readers!). 

A lagoon, Viking Cave. Actually our boats are hiding from the huge wave.

       Viking cave, Koh Phi Phi island – near 2nd scuba dive site

The main reason for this trip was to just hang out doing nothing. I wanted a relaxing trip, but the diver-in-me wanted more than just jalan-jalan or snorkle. How can I be snorkeling at James Bond Island, when I can go deep into the blues at Koh Phi Phi. Kan? kan??! I mean, think about it: you have your diving license sitting at home rotting, and the view is said to be extraordinary….so why wait?!

I just wanted 3 dives on a 1-day boat trip. When we left the jetty, our Japanese divemaster, Fumiko already warned us of the stormy weather the day before, and could probably hit us today. She also said that Asians are more prone to sea-sick compared to the bigger European divers on the same trip, and so we took seasick pills like they’re vitamin tablets 😛

Dive no.1 and no. 2 was absolutely brilliant. Happy with my dive log. But come evening, dive no. 3 became a big no-no for us (Asians on the boat), though a dozen of Europeans (gila babi gung-ho ke ape ni?) braved through the stormy(!!) and 2-meter wave for their 3rd dive. Divemaster Fumiko was the best when it came to safety: she said, if we don’t want to take dive no.3 because of the absolutely-ridiculous-storm-and-I-would-have-died-diving-at-this-2-meter-wavey-sea-couple-with-absolute-armagedonic-sky, we don’t have to. Of course we don’t have to!!! Gila ka?!?!  Fumiko herself called it = shit weather. I vomitted 3 times on the boat but which I was never been this happy vomiting: it’s better than dying in a foreign country.  I’ve never known or experience a more tragic weather than this. I really thought, our boat would have broken into half and I am already on Titanic2’s making.

            In front of noisy Hard Rock. Quiet streets…hmmphh.

The day of our arrival, we started exploring the whole Patong. If my maths don’t fail me, 80% of people in Patong are either Indians, Bangladeshis, Nepali (Central Asia). Phuket even gave them their own road (read: Bangla Road). I might spend quieter times at Karon or Kata beach if I were to return to Phuket in the future.

 While out Patong streets and beach are packed with stalls and shops, you can never miss JungCeylon, the biggest mall in Phuket. Being the shopaholic that I am, and at the first spot of chic coffee joints (e.g. Starbucks), I never fail to go there every day I am in Patong. 


On the first day, there was a futie tourney between kids from different schools, as well as a cheer-leading/colouring contest if you are a girl or kaki bangkus. What’s cool is the commitment by the kids and their (cheering? more like screaming) mums. Literally you’ve got whole bunch of soccer mums being more enthusiastic than their kids, probably. And what’s cool is the constant drum beating by this guy during the whole competition – that provides you a samba feel and the relevant mood to play your ball. (= dragon boat).

                 I LOVE PHUKET with Kenny Sin

I‘ve never thought I would meet my ex-housemate, Kenny Sin in Phuket. Out of the myriad of colours and people, Kenny spotted me whilst we were eating Phad Thai at the same shop! He called me upon hearing my ever-recognizable voice. It’s like, “we’ve never got to meet in KL after he moved out, but here we are in Phuket after yearssss” He looks great and frequents Phuket at least twice a year. He’s here on some charity thing. Well done!  

Fresh fruit juice. Chill!
This is one of the 20 over pics of my full bod on bikini. Old already, paiseh to show closer shots of myself
                   Now, this shot is better! 😛

After chilling with some mix fruit juicy tutti stuff, we headed out to the beach to receive our ‘natural’ massage/spa by the huge waves (again!) and to check out the sunset. The beach was considerably errr…empty, to my delight, as I am a bit self-conscious of my current body-shape as I grow older with age, esp. when on bikini. 😛  Ah well….stuffs happen when we age gracefully. I’ll take it.

                                                                                A sunset at Patong 
To my delight, this restaurant gave us manggis as dessert. To them, it’s cheap. For us, it’s rare.
                                     Complicated beauty

Patong is full of complicated wirings if you look up. This really amuses me. We’ve found beauty in randomness.  

One thing I didn’t like about Phuket is that the whole city is NOT WIRED. Even if it is, they charge the customers. Starbucks, Subway, True Coffee, kopitiam, restaurants….no FREE wi-fi. I think we KL people are spoilt for free wi-fi. 

                                      Farewell, Phuket.

I don’t know if I will be back any time soon, but I have logged in many good (and scary) memories from Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. Especially when spent together with Fong.




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