>Kuok and Oscar

>I was invited to the Kuok Foundation Award Ceremony which I ‘striked’ (lottery) after last month’s interview. I did feel like a lottery ticket because I found out the there were only 2 receipients this year for Ph.D. (out of MANY interviewees)! Another receipient was a girl from UKM, doing research on molecular medicine (cancer research), just a year older than I, and fast-tracked thru’ Ph.D. too. I think her name was Wong something something….sorry!

The son and daughter of the late Tun Hussein Onn’s was present, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chye Kuok (manages the Shangri-La hotel business), datuk-datuks and my interviewers were also there!!! (Hisshamuddin Hussein wasn’t there – a set back!). I was glad I met with all of them, mixing with ‘big-shots’ was what I wanted all this while, because I’ve always believed in networking (think SIF!) as the way to grow further and succeed in live. I realised that their perspective of things are somewhat different and their advices came in handy. I am glad to be invited into this elite club of scholars!

Wong something something, GM of Kuok Foundation: Lynette Ng, and I

I went shopping after that, but shopping was also quite torturous because I have to button-unbotton, zip-unzipped my shirt a thousand times just to try on the clothings. My boy took me out to eat the famous pan-mee behind his office for dinner. The pan-mee was absolutely superb, but the price is mad! Sooo bloody, dead, freaking expensive for a small bowl of pan-mee. But my boy-boy pays for me, so I just eat only.

I thought this year was bad year for me. It wasn’t entirely afterall. True? True?

I want to dedicate this award to several people (like an Oscar speech): First, to myself for unbelievably convincing during the interview, My parents who are just soooo happy I could pay for their bills now that I have money, my supervisor who took time writing all those recommendation letters and dunno-what letters to Kuok, to Yeng Pooi who knows of someone from received the scholarship before (g00d luck in Taiping!), to Callie, Beatrice, Fee Yen whom I met last weekend (Fee Yen, manage my money well, k?) and my boy-boy who feeds me fat (with pan-mee) and love me fat too.


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